Chapter 30: Photo In a Golden Frame

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I suddenly missed Diana's Pov...


Diana's POV:

My mouth twitches while staring at the photo of a beautiful woman. The truth is I was busy looking at my daughter's 'artwork' at that Man's bed behind a curtain. Felix told me that, that Man is hiding Athanasia's drawing when she was just a child.

It was amusing because according to the knight, Felix. That Man even put magic on my daughter's drawing to preserve it. So, I was curious at first and I think that it was cute.

However, due to my curiosity, I found something that I should've not found in the first place.

While I'm busy looking at those drawings. My eyes went to the displayed pictures on the other side. I saw an unexpected picture of a woman leaning on the wall, although it has a crack, that picture was framed with gold.

I wonder what's that thing doing here?

"I don't even have a single photo here," I uttered while staring intently at that picture. I sat on the floor and decided to study the beauty of that woman. I couldn't help but frown when I noticed how seductive she is.

I tried to control my facial reaction but the frown on my forehead kept bothering me and I felt that my eyes were starting to become more fierce. 

I know this beautiful lady. How could I even forget that?

I intertwined my fingers and my lips keep twitching.

Of course!

I'm not jealous!

I know their relationship!

He even had concubines.

I am the writer remember?

I won't be jealous over some unimportant things.

My expression went soft when I suddenly remember Jennette. Her mother is really beautiful, Jennette looks like her. However, they have a different charm. Jennette's charm is like an angel, she probably took that charm from her father...

Ah, wait... That's kinda impossible unless Anastacius was a good boy in his childhood days.

But judging from my draft of 'The Lovely Princess's supposed to be Sequel...

I think not.

The truth is I was planning to give my book a sequel. The plot is about Anastacius showing up alive and revealing that Claude has some curse. I wanted to fix some loopholes too, but my publisher stopped me from doing that.

He told me that it will only destroy the whole book.

Although I am not aware of some details about my novel. I know that there were huge similarities between my work and this world. 

That's why I wonder... if the mysterious man yesterday has a connection with black magic as Lucas mentioned.

Or if he is...Anastacius himself...

It's really suspicious...



But what's more suspicious today is this picture being here.

I took a deep sigh. My eyes darted at the beautiful green eyes of Miss Judith. I was about to touch the picture but I halted when I heard him moved from the settee. I unconsciously glanced in his direction.

I clicked my tongue when I realized that he woke up.

My eyes went back to the picture when I saw him stand up. I remained in my position until I heard his footsteps coming in my direction. I was waiting for him to approach me but he suddenly stopped.

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