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Ellie Rose

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Ellie Rose

I took a deep breathe as I walked down the hallway with Diana  beside me. The walls were a dark red almost black and it was looking more well with the marble flooring. "Isn't this place is quiet scary?" I asked lowly causing Diana to lightly chuckled.

"Yeah and this is what Mason likes. Everything dark" she said. I couldn't helped but lowly gasped when I noticed some maids with their heads tucked down and they've cuts and bruises on their hands along to their neck. "Don't tell me, Mason did this terrible things with this maids" I said with disappointment as we reached in front of a large wooden door. Two guards were standing with guns in their hands.

"Maybe or Maybe not but don't get him wrong, beauty" Diana answered with shrugged causing me to took a deep breathe.

"siamo qui per incontrare Mason" Diana said to the guards in her italian tongue. Once guards nodded their head, Diana turned to me with arm crossed over her chest. (We're here to meet Mason)

"You can go inside. I'll wait for you here outside" I nodded my head and knock on the large wooden door. My heart thumbing so faster. It's been a week since I last saw Mason and I missed him so badly. He've been really busy with his works and finding the group who attacked on us that night in business dinner.

"Come in" I heard Mason's voice, So deep and sexy.

I was about to twist the knob but that's when the door got opened automatically causing me to step back with slightly widened eyes. I turned to diana to see her smiling at me.

"C'mon Ellie, He's not going to kill you" she chuckled at me. I gave her a small smile and turned back slowly walking inside. As I walked inside, the door got closed itself again.

Why am I getting so scared of him?

He's My Mason.

The room walls were a dark grey, almost black. I couldn't help but shivered at the scent of his cologne. I missed it.


A gasped left my lips when I felt a pair of strong tattooed arms wrapped around my waist from behind. I Instantly recognized it's him. I moaned when he moved my hair in side to place soft kisses on my neck down to my naked shoulder. "I missed you" he mumbled softly biting on my skin.

"I missed you more" I answered softly. I could already feel him smiling against my skin. I turned around to meet his beautiful blue eyes smiling. "I missed having you closer to me, touching me" I whispered standing on my tippy toes as he glanced at my lips.

"I've been busy, bella" he whispered back when I brushed our lips together. "You've no fucking idea, how badly I missed you" that's all he said and captured my lips in a hard, passionate kiss.

He pulled me impossibly closer to him kissing me hungrily. I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him in the same way. God. I missed him so much, his lips, his scent, his touched, voice every single thing. He suck, bite my lip and slide his tongue inside my mouth. I knew he needs me as much as I needs him. He caressed his tongue with mine. After few minutes of hot hungry make out. I break away from the kiss to breathe. I was already so wet.

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