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This is utter bullshit. "So I was under your stupid school the whole time?"

"Yup." Levi says. He's been put in charge of showing me to my room, which happens to be in the school.

"They want me to go to school here?" I asked shocked. Earlier Headmaster Andrews, the man I talked to in my cell, told me that I couldn't leave. And that even if I wanted to, apparently my father left our house and then burnt it down. Leaving no trace of it left.

So now, my only option is to go to their school. A school that happens to be filled with all the children of the remaining hero's. A school that I'll definitely fit right into, not.

Don't get me wrong, the school is absolutely beautiful, as much as I hate to admit. It's a literal castle. But I don't want to go here.

We are currently walking through the school grounds. To my left I see pairs of kids fighting, shooting targets, all kinds of things.

"That's my favorite class." Levi says. "That's when we test out abilities and get to fight people, it's super cool."

"I want to test my abilities." Nothing sounds better than getting this bracelet off and being able to use my powers again.

"Yea, after you tried throwing your little sparks at me. Definitely not helping you with that."

I sigh and roll my eyes. "You're still caught up on that?"

He stop and turns. "Caught up on that?" He scoffs. "You shot me, and it hurt. A lot."

"I barley touched you. If I wanted to seriously hurt you, I would of."

"Well that seriously did hurt."

"You're being sensitive."

"I'm being sensitive?" He points to himself with a gaped mouth. "Are you..."

"Levi, Arden." I turn my head toward the all familiar douche. Also known as William De'Clare, son of the man who practically rules the world.

"Will." I give him a fake smile. His real one grows.

"So you know my name."

"Would of been nice to know earlier." He just shrugs and smirks. I hear a clear of the throat next to him and turn. Standing there is a a pretty red haired girl about our age.

"Arden, this is Gwenevere."

"Gwen." She corrects him. From the disgusted look I'm getting, I'm guessing she doesn't like me.

"I'm just showing her around." Levi says.

"Why?" Gwen asks giving me a once over.

Sometimes you can chose to keep your words to yourself. I never chose that. "I don't like you." I say.

She looks at me and scoffs. "Says the freak."

"How am I a freak?" I demand. I'm really wishing I didn't have this bracelet on.

"Do I really have to say it?" She says stepping up to me. "Your dads a murder, your his daughter."

I look over and point at Will. "His parents killed my mom, what does that make him?" Will looks down guiltily.

Yea, I forgot to mention that.

"It's speculated." Gwen defends. "Even if it was true, your mom was dangerous."

"Why, because she was powerful?"


"She didn't do anything wrong."

"She was married to a criminal."

"So what? It's a crime to fall in love?"

My mother was very hated. She was I guess, labeled a hero. Sent to get control of my father. But, then she fell in love.

And love fucks everything up.

"Gwen, don't you have somewhere to be." Will cuts in. "You should go be there." Gwen turns with shocked expression.

"Seriously..." One look from Will shuts her up.

"God, that girls a bitch." I say once she walks away.

"I mean, you did start it..." Levi starts to say. I give him a sharp look and he stops mid sentence.

"I don't have a filter."

"Clearly." Will says. I don't like him, like at all.

"I want to be shown my room."

   "Maybe if you ask nicely."

   "I was talking to Levi." I cross my arms, who does this guy think he is?

   "Now you're taking to me." Will crosses his arms mimicking my stance.

   "You're supposed to be nice, aren't all hero's nice?"

   "I guess you are my one exception."

   "I don't like you William."

   "I don't like you either, Arden"

   Ha, I don't have have a long version of my name. So it's not as effective.

   "Levi, show the princess her room."

   "Jokes on you, I don't find that as an insult." Actually I do, but he doesn't need to know that.

   "Yea, you do."

   "And how would you know?" I swear to god, if this guy can read my mind. I'm not safe. All the weird shit that pops in my head...

   "Will, can read your thoughts. Well, not exactly whole thoughts. More emotions, or glimpses of how you're feeling. If that makes sense." Levi answers.

An unsettling feeling grows in my stomach. Great. Just my luck.

   "Levi, my room?" I turn and face him, not wanting to be here any second longer.

   "Actually, I have to go to class. Can you take her Will?"

   "I have class too dumbass."

   "Yea, but it's training. I love training." My ears perk up at that. I want to go training,

   "Why are you excited?"  Will asks with a bored tone.

   "Oh no. You are not going to training." Levi says worriedly.

   "And why not?"

   "Because..." He looks over at William for help.

   Will yawns in his hand and shrugs. "I don't care."

   "Then you're her partner."

   William shrugs again, clearly unbothered. This is going to be fun.


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