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"I'm fine" I say for the hundredth time.

"Sure? Because I can take you to the doctor" Ricardo offers.

"Yeah yeah, I'm good"

I can already walk a little better on my foot, I can't lean on it very much, but I can. But I don't have to be carried anymore for going from my bed to the kitchen.

My mood drops when I realize that I have to go to Gabriella, and then I realize that I don't have a car and that I don't feel like taking the bus at all.

"Can I borrow your car?" I generally ask both Ricardo and Dario.

"Oh fuck no, you're not going to drive with a sprained ankle" Dario frowns at me.

"Fucking hell I'll be okay!" I throw my arms in the air.

"I'll drop you off, where should I drive?" Dario stands up and takes his car key, Panic goes through me. He can't drop me off there, I told them my mother is dead.

"No-no-no, Please just let me drive" I put my hands together, Dario looks at Ricardo "Fine, but-" He paused "If there is something wrong or your ankle hurts again, call me. And I'll be right there." He hands me the car keys.

I say my goodbyes and walk out the door. I breathe a sigh of relief. Let's hope I survive today.

I went home to pick up the envelope with money and I'm almost at my mother's. She also lives about an hour away from me. And it's at the moment, I'm looking at the screen in the car "15:34" so I'm probably home late.

I park the car and get out, before I walk to the door I take a few deep breaths, this is the moment I have stretched so long. The moment I've been looking forward to for the past three months. Note the sarcasm.

I make my hand into a fist and knock on the door.

Okay if she doesn't open in ten seconds then I'm going home.

And she opens the door, in exactly seven seconds.

"Here you finally are" she says with a poisonous tone.

"Here i am" I look at the ground avoiding eye contact. She walks further inside and I follow her down the hall.

I take a seat at the table and she puts a glass of water in front of me. "It's better for your line." Her eyes survey my body and my arms automatically cross my waist.

"So you've decided to keep your promise to your father? Not that he'd be proud of you. If he'd seen those videos too, he'd be anything but proud" She chuckles.

I throw the envelope with money on the table and she takes the envelope and opens it. She takes out the money and counts it. "That's not much"

"I still have to pay for my own house if you forgot" I said in a loud tone.

She scoffed "You have a house? I thought you slept with guys like the slut you are" She slaps her hand on the table.

"You're never going to stop about the videos are you?"

"You filmed yourself getting fucked!"

"I was raped!" I stand up and the chair I was just sitting on falls to the floor.

"No you weren't! You just want attention like always"

"You are such a worthless mother" I shake my head. "Stick your money up your ass" I take the money from the table and put it back in the envelope.

She grabs my wrist and pulls the envelope from my hand "You will not take MY money and sure as hell won't talk to me like that"

"I just did Gabriella" I emphasized Gabriella.

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