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Jasonette is my favorite ship. I couldn't choose between two quotes so I'm going to write one here and add the other below it.

"Three things you should never break: Promises, trust and someone's heart." - Unknown

 — ADRIEN AGRESTE had everything he could possibly dream of in his life

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 — ADRIEN AGRESTE had everything he could possibly dream of in his life. Everything he wanted - with the exception of his freedom - was given to him on a silver platter. So, it came as a surprise when Ladybug rejected him after they revealed their identities. The two of them had decided that their secret identities were hindering their progress in finding Hawkmoth and decided to reveal them.

When he found out Ladybug and Marinette were the one and the same he wasn't all that surprised. Both of them were kind, caring and creative and they both deserved nothing less than him. He and his lady were soulmate's after all! Two halves of one whole! So why would Ladybug reject him? She said it was because he didn't support her when Lila was lying about her. Well how was he supposed to know Ladybug was the one she was bullying. Adrien tried to apologise but his lady wouldn't hear of it. He still remembers that conversation weeks ago as clear as day.


"Marinette! You're Ladybug?" Adrien had beamed when he saw who was behind the mask. "Adrien." was her clipped response. Adrien, however, was not deterred. "This is great! We've been under each other's noses for years. Now we can start dating! We just need to create a fake story so that it isn't suspicious!" Ladybug looked shocked. Why was she shocked? Didn't she know that without the identity barrier they could now date in peace? She said "No Chat Noir! We are NOT going to start dating. I don't know why you would think that!"

Now it was Adrien's turn to be shocked. Why would his lady say that? They were Ladybug and Chat Noir. Two parts of a whole, they were meant to be! He said "But M'lady we're soulmates! It's written in the stars!" Ladybug looked frustrated and weirdly, so did Plagg and her kwami, Tikki was it? "Listen up Adrien, for the millionth time we. Are. Not. Meant. To. Be. Sure we're opposites, but it doesn't mean we have to date. And frankly, I want to slap you for saying that." And she transformed and left him like that. Standing there. 


But Adrien was nothing if not optimistic. He was sure his lady would see reason and fall in love with him. And then everything would be perfect!

But there was still the problem of Lila Rossi right? Nah, not to Adrien. He was certain that if Ladybug kept quiet no one would get akumatized. And Ladybug should understand the importance of that! After all, she saves Paris on a daily basis.

Now he had to leave for the first day of school. It was after the summer vacations and they were starting lycée now. It was a sunny day and Adrien was excited to see his friends again, especially Ladybug! Maybe now she'd see reason and everything would be how it's meant to be!

When Adrien reached school he caught up with his friends asking what they did over the summer and listened to Lila's tales even though he could disprove EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF. THEM. He waited for Ladybug to arrive but she didn't come. Maybe she was already inside.

When Adrien entered the school, his question was answered. Ladybug was inside alright, and SHE was KISSING someone near the stairs. Adrien could feel his fists clenching.

"Hey Maribrat!" Alya called out. "Who did you pay to be your boyfriend because you're too pathetic to get someone to actually get one?"

"Actually Alya, this is my very real boyfriend." was the response Alya received. Adrien sighed in annoyance. Why didn't his lady understand she wasn't supposed to antagonise someone? She could get them akumatized!

"Yeah, as if I would believe that." Alya's voice trailed off at the end and she practically ran off with Lila and her friends. The guy (said with disgust) who Ladybug was kissing was glaring at her. He seemed familiar to Adrien. He had bright blue-green eyes with dark hair and a shock of white. Suddenly it clicked, that was Jason Todd-Wayne! His father was Bruce Wayne the billionaire. Adrien had been at a few functions with him.

His father was known as a playboy. Seems like his son was the same. Adrien stomped over to Todd and his lady - he must save her! - and growled at Todd. "Stay away from my girlfriend Todd."

Todd and Ladybug stood there shocked. "Your girlfriend?!" Todd sputtered.

Adrien grinned at him. "Yes MY girlfriend."

Ladybug glared at him. She said "Adrien, Chat Noir - whatever, for the last time. I. Am. Not. Your. GIRLFRIEND." She looked angrier than Adrien had ever seen. Then something she said clicked in his mind again. He glared at her and said "You told him!?"

Ladybug nodded. "I did. And now please leave because you have no business here."

Adrien was fuming. Ladybug was his and only his. Certainly not some playboy's. So he pleaded with her. He said "M'lady think about what you're doing. Todd -" he glared at him. "Is just a playboy! You're supposed to be dating me, not him! You're mine!"

Todd's eyes darkened with anger. "What. Did. You. Say?" He hissed. Adrien subconsciously backed a step. He stuttered, "I just said Ladybug's mine. We're meant to be. It written in the STARS!" gaining confidence.

Todd glared at him harder and walked a step forward. "Listen up Chat Noir-" he spat the name like it was a disease. "Marinette is NOT an object that you can just own. So get that thought out of your head NOW."

Adrien's instincts were screaming danger. Ladybug opened her mouth. Maybe she would support him and dump her loser boyfriend!

"You have been harassing me for YEARS thinking I'm 'yours'. I'm not. So get lost now and let me transfer schools in peace. You're not my friend anymore. You stopped being one when you chose Lila-" she spat the name out like it was venom. "Over me. We may have not known our identities then, but it proved you're a COWARD. You promised you'd stay behind me, but you let the others bully me. Now? You're just an acquaintance. Come on Jason. Let's go." She was making a 'don't' face at him because he looked like he was about to kill Adrien. Clearly he didn't know about the promise.

"But M'lady-" She interrupted him. "Save it Chat Noir, Adrien. There's no chance of us being friends let alone people who are dating. All because of your broken promise."

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