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I just realized...this is not only Maribat oneshots. Whoops?

"The future depends on what we do in the present." - Mahatma Gandhi

— ADRIEN WAS not having a good week

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— ADRIEN WAS not having a good week. His absolutely inconsiderate father scheduled 10 photo shoots with Lila and rescheduled the one she botched up.

Then, his cousin Felix, came to Paris again to 'apologise' to his classmates for his actions. Apologise meaning make a friend. Who happened to be Marinette. His good friend. Those two seemed to be getting closer and closer while Marinette pulled away from her other friends. Didn't she understand that Felix was a bad influence on her?

But she seemed to be giving him the cold shoulder. So was Plagg. They both seemed to think that he should expose Lila. They didn't understand that nothing good would come out of it. She would only get akumatized. And anyway she wasn't hurting anyone.

And now? There was an akuma. Damn you Hawkmoth! Adrien was sure what the akuma's powers were until it hit Marinette in the courtyard, while she was waiting for Felix.

The class (all except for Lila, of course) gasped in fear when it hit her. After all, they had never seen her hit before. Marinette was engulfed in a bright flash of light.

After it disappeared, nothing seemed to be off about her except for the fact that there was a little girl in her arms. Who looked exactly like a younger version of her. Except for the fact that she had gray eyes, unlike Marinette's pretty bluebell ones.

The little girl in her arms beamed at Marinette and squealed "Maman!"

Alya stared at the girl in Marinette's arms. "Maman? Is Marinette your mother? Marinette doesn't have a daughter."

The girl glared at her and said "I know who my Maman is thank you very much, and she-" The girl pointed at Marinette. "Is my Maman." She looked imploringly at Marinette. "I'm your precious little Emma right?"

When Marinette didn't respond her eyes filled with tears and her lips quivered. Marinette hastily said "Of course ma cherie. You're my precious little Emma." Emma beamed at her.

The class froze.

Adrien.exe has stopped working.

Marinette had a daughter? From the future? Who was the father? Why was the class looking at him like that-

He was snapped out of it when Nino came over to him and clapped him on the shoulder. "Good job dude, you've got one cute baby girl." The others came along with him and congratulated him too.

Adrien's jaw dropped open in shock. Did they think he was the father? Does he marry Marinette in the future?

Actually...now he came to think of it...he wouldn't be opposed to it... "Now guys I don't the father is Adrien." Lila just had to ruin his fun. The class glared at her for some reason. She quickly backtracked, "I mean like she seems to be a little too rude to be Adrien's daughter don't you think?"

Marinette, thankfully, didn't say anything, but her daughter did. She interrupted Lila and pointed at him "He's not my Papa. He's a spineless pretty face."

The class gasped at that. But before they could respond Felix came walking out of the class. "Can't you all be quiet for 5 minutes? It's ridiculously loud out here."

Emma's eyes brightened when Felix came. "Papa!" She squealed as she tackled Felix in a hug. She stuck her tongue out at the class. "See. This is my Papa, not the pretty face."

Then, like she hadn't thrown the class into a loop, she beamed at Felix. "Where Maman is, Papa is always close by!"

Adrien gaped at her. "Are you saying Felix and Marinette are married?" Emma glared at him and snootily - much like Felix actually - said "Of course they are, since they graduated from university-"

Marinette and Felix's faces were resembling tomatoes at this point. They could not look at each other in the eyes. Emma continued, oblivious to her parents, and pointed at Lila "After they put her into jail for stealing my Maman's amazing designs."

Adrien laughed nervously at that. Didn't the girl understand Lila could get akumatized? How could she be so callous? And why was he feeling so angry at Felix all of a sudden?

He opened his mouth to say something but Marinette beat him to it to say - dare he hope to support Lila? - "I'm going to find Ladybug and Chat Noir so that they can undo this." And she ran off.

Adrien was disappointed in her.


After Emma went back to her time and Adrien was lying in bed. He wondered what the feeling in his stomach was when he heard that Felix and Marinette we're going to have a daughter.

He felt irrationally angry at Felix. Maybe he was just worried for his friend? After all, Felix was not very good for Marinette. She was pulling away from her friends! He tried to speak to her about it, but Marinette just said "Friends that don't believe me after knowing me for so long are not my friends Adrien."

And that was the end of that.

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