Chapter 19

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Liv's Pov


Suspension on the first day

Just great, if Angel finds out about this I'm dead meat. I just had to go and fuck up everything


It's not like I regret punching her she deserved it after all. But it's just the fact that I had to get a suspension which means a week from finding who the current leader of the Blood Moon gang was

If you ask me its pretty weird to give a teenager ownership of a gang but whatever

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a hand around my waist. I instantly elbowed the person in their gut before turning around in a fighting stance

"Bloody hell, am I some kind of punching bag to you" Ace groaned doubling over to hold his belly

"Serves you right for sneaking up on me"

I made my way over to his side and held out my hand for him to take

He looked up at my hands, then at me. Then he simply took a hold of my hand and pulled himself up, dusting the invisible dirt off of his clothes

It would only be on rare occasions that I found myself checking out Ace,

Not that I like him or anything

It's just that he had those kinds of eyes that would make any girl go crazy by just looking at them. His all so perfect curly jet black, the way his jaw ticked when he was mad

He was the definition of "a pretty shell with an ugly inside"

And I will do everything in my power to stay away from that shell, I'm not trying to get hurt. Atleast not again

He's a horrible person. Full of angst and pretentious. Cold and easily annoyed

But who was I to judge, for I was just the same as him


"Done checking me out?" Ace smirked

I mean I was, but he doesn't need to know that!!

"ugh, as if" I defended rolling my eyes at him

He closed the gap between us by taking a step forward and looking down at me because of our height difference

"Pretty sure you were. What were you thinking about while you were looking at me? jumping on me and ripping my shirt off, taking me right here in this hallway, huh?"

His lingering hot breath on my face sent me in a daze, but I tried not to show it

I was about to reply to him when I was cut off by a feminine voice,

"Back to your slutty ways I see Liv"

I let out a sigh and started to back away from Ace, slowly making my way over to Bianca, all the way without turning to look at her

As soon as I was sure I reached her I turned around to look at her makeup filled, plastic face

"I see you want to be sent into the hospital once again" I chuckled before delivering a quick punch to her face

She fell to the floor crying as I laughed. Taking a look at my fist, it was plastered with makeup powder, just to prove how much makeup she puts on

I cringed and turned to look at a snickering Ace. I gave him a small smile before walking out of the school

As soon as I was out of the building I looked around to make sure no one was around, then quickly took the handgun from my boots and placed it in my waistband once again

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