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   I don't know what to do. I hate this stupid awful place, with these even stupider awful people.

   I miss home. I didn't have any friends, due to the fact that my father would barley let me leave the house. But I did miss Aspen, my cat.

   I am so pissed. Knowing my father, he did refuse to give them their thing back.

   I groan and touch the side of my face. I hadn't even notice the tears coming out of my eyes. Is that what he really thought I was? Weak?

   I look at the door, the entrance and exit to this this room. I've tried to open it, multiple times. But every single time, it's locked. I groan again when I see the bracelet on my wrist. I was hoping they would of forgotten to put it back on, but they didn't.

   I groan for the hundredth time. I just don't get it. I had done nothing wrong, but was being punished.

   I lay, looking up at the ceiling. I hate this place.

   I sit up instantly when I hear someone opening my door. "Oh, it's just you." I sigh  laying back down after seeing William.

   "Yea, it's just me." He walks in and closes the door behind him.

   "What do you want?" I ask quietly, not really caring.

   "You're lonely." He simply says. I don't try to sit up to see his facial expression. I simply don't care to.

   "Get out of my head."

   He quietly chuckles, "I don't have to be in it to know."

   I sit up and look at him. "You know, people call you the prince." He just simply nods. His parents are the queen and king. Some chose to call them that, and him the prince. Others, like my father, don't. "I mean, you are practically a prince so it would make sense."

   "You're changing the subject."

   I give him an annoyed look. "Of course I'm lonely, your highness. I'm utterly alone." I see his face grimace. Doesn't like being called that? I'll make sure to keep calling him that then.

   "I'm here."

   "You could be in a room filled with a crowd of people, and still be lonely." I say laying back down. "And I miss my cat," I go on.

   "Your cat?" He asks with a raised brow.

   "My cat and home."

   "Your house has been demolished. Did they not tell you?" My chest stings at that memory.

   "No they did, but I can't stop thinking of my cat." Is it weird to have an animal as your best friend?

   "Aspen." He says, I look up in shock.

   "How did you..."

   "I've done my fair of research on you." He says this like it's the most casual thing in the world. It's not, it's creepy.

   "You know you kinda sound like a stalker, Will."

   He rolls his eyes, and ignores my last sentence. Instead, he lifts up his hands. "I've been sent to tell you to get dressed." I hadn't even noticed the clothes he'd been holding.

   "That's funny, sending a prince to do servants work."

   "We don't have servants."

   "What do you call the people who do everything for you?"

   "They are all paid well, it's simply a job. Everyone that's here wants to be. Everyone here has free will to do whatever they want, as long as they follow the rules."

   "Everyone except me."

   He chuckles quietly. "Yea, everyone except you."

   "Whatever, your royal highness." I sigh getting up from bed and walking towards him. He hands me the clothes.

   "I'm not a prince." He lies. He knows he is, and I know he is.

   "You are, but ok."

    "I'm not."

   "A lot of people call your parents the queen and king."

   "It's just a stupid nickname."

   "No, it's a title."

   He rolls his eyes then turns around to leave. I look up, noticing that he's stopped. "Arden," I turn and look at him. I'm shocked at his next words. "It's not a bad thing to feel lonely." He's not looking at me, he's just staring past the door. "I feel it too sometimes." He says before walking out.

   I hate this place, and I fucking hate everyone here.

   I don't really hate my room though, it's nice. I have a bathroom attached to it. The bathroom even has running water. I've been having to fill up a bath for as long as I remember.


   It's been an hour since Will has left, before I hear a knock at my door. I pat down the dress they gave me.

   "Good morning sunshine." Levi smiles when I open the door.

   "Idiot." I say to him, before turning to Carter. I think Carter is the only sweet boy here. "Carter," I give him a slight smile. He sees it, and his face morphs into a genuine grin.

   "You look pretty, Arden." Carter says. My cheeks instantly turn a shade of pinky and  I mumble a quick thanks embarrassed.

   "Yea, before I thought you were ugly with all the dirty and mess you called hair. But it's amazing what a shower, brush, and dress can do." I turn and give Levi a dirty look. He just gives me a dorky smile in return.

   "How am I supposed to train in this?" I ask motioning to my dress.

   "You don't have to wear a dress everyday,l." Carter starts to explain. "Just when the royals come to visit." "

   "Wait, Will's parents are coming?" I ask suddenly nervous.

   "Yea, rumor is they want to see you." Levi says with a smirk.

   "Levi, don't scare her." Carter says shoving his shoulder with his. "I'm sure they are here for just a visit, they like to see how the students are doing." Students? I think he means their future soldiers.

   "Come on, we are going to miss breakfast If we don't hurry." Levi says.


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