Chapter Seven

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Paisley's Point of View

A banging sound blasted at my eardrums.

"Paisley!" I heard a voice bring me back to life as the birds chirped in the background whilst the sun shone at it's brightest today. It was truly a beautiful morning.

"Pais!" Orin's voice traveled past the locked door. "Come on. Open up someone wants to see you."

"I'm coming!" I groaned as I wiped my sleepy eyes still cuddled in the warm covers of my bed. I then rotated my body as I stretched and...

Oh my god.

My eyes grew wide to know that Stephan was still slumbering beside me, drooling like baby on my favorite pillow.

I'm so going to kill him. I told him not to fall asleep. I freaken told him twice.

Shit! I began to panic. Orin was standing right outside of my freaken bedroom. I had to get Stephan out.

"Stephan!" I yelled under my breath.

"Blue?" He said but I bet he was still asleep.

"Stephan!" I whispered louder.

"I'm up." He said a little too loud so I slapped my hand over his mouth to prevent his voice from traveling and then his eyelids shot up causing his blue eyes to focus on my panicky face.

"Orin is standing behind my bedroom door waiting for me to let him in. He can't know that you're here. He'll kill us both." My words came out in speed as I panicked.

"Blueberry I'm not afraid of your brother." He shrugged and then sat upright as he spoke calmly. "Let him in, let's see what he's made of." He yawned.

"Stephan please, just please hide." I said and it took him a few seconds to reply.

"Fine Blueberry. Where?" He stretched his arms out as I heard the cracking of his bones.

"Paisley! What are you doing?" Orin grew impatient as he began to bang on my bedroom door with his voice growing louder.

My panic level had reached it's high forcing me to kick Stephan from my bed as he stumbled off causing a loud thud as his beautiful body hit the wooden floor.

"Fuck sake." He groaned as he moved himself below my bed.

"What was that?" Orin asked from outside as he heard the sound of Stephan's fall.

"I stumbled over a chair, I'm still half asleep." That was the best I could think of under pressure. Stephan laid beneath my bed as I checked to see if I could spot any trace of him.

Nope. Nothing. Okay. I'm good.

I unlocked the door and then Orin stepped inside.

"Hey." He said and hugged me with suspicious green eyes.

"Why were you taking so long?" His face grew serious.

"Mornings aren't my thing." I Said. "So who wanted to see me?" I changed the subject and tried to avoid any questions about what had just happened.

"Only the stunningly gorgeous me." Said a sweet voice coming from behind Orin and then she ran up to me. She flung her arms around me, hugging me tightly, squeezing the freaken life out of me. It was Liv. My lips curled up at the sight of her.

Oh my god I was so glad to see her. I didn't want to let her go, not now, not ever. My heart filled with joy and excitement and for a minute I had forgotten all about Stephan laying beneath my bed.

"Thank you for bringing her Ori!" I said and smiled over at him and then I noticed Stephan's clothes laying in a pile on the wooden floor of my bedroom, my eyes suddenly grew a little larger in size forcing me to let go of Liv.


"Okay Ori, thank you for everything but leave us to our girl time. Off you go." I said hastily and shoved Orin out of my bedroom and then closed the door behind him and locked it again as I exhaled deeply.

Liv squinted her eyes and pressed her lips together. "Okay. Where is he?" She smirked.

"What are you talking about?" I tried acting dumb but she was too clever for me.

"Grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt? I'm sure they're not yours." Said my blonde best friend with sun kissed skin, manicured nails and shoes to die for.

"It's okay Stephan, you can come out." I said as Stephan rolled out from underneath the bed and then lifted himself up.

"Stephan this is my best friend Olivia and Liv this is Stephan." I said totally embarrassed for Stephan being almost naked.

"Nice to meet you Olivia." He scratching the back of his neck, with an awkward look on his face.

"Did you guys have sex?" She asked staring at the two of us with raised brows.

"No" I said quickly.

"So why is he almost naked?" She asked as if he wasn't standing right there.

"I don't know." I said looking over at him while he smirked like an idiot.

"She begged me to get undressed. She attacked me as if she a lion as she hopped on top of me and growled into my ear while she had me tied up to her bed." He half smiled as he explained his untrue story. "Everything was done so forcefully." He continued.

Liv giggled at his explanation, not believing a single word because she knew that I wasn't that type of girl.

"Stephan," I smiled "be gone and take your fantasies along with you." I said playfully and then I picked up his clothes and shoved them against his muscular chest as he chuckled.

I watched him get dressed and then he headed for the balcony door so he could climb down the same way he had gotten up.

"Nice meeting you Liv and I'll text you later Blueberry." He winked at me and then climbed down my balcony.

"Oh my god. He is so hot." Liv squealed but I didn't say a word. "Come on, admit it. He's hot."

"Fine, he's hot." I rolled my eyes.

"And you didn't take advantage of the fact that he had spent the night in your bed. Shame on you." She wagged her index finger in the air.

"If I fall for him and things run smoothly then maybe I'll sleep with him but for now. We're just friends." I said simply and shrugged my shoulder.

"When." She smiled.


"When you fall for him. Not if honey."

"Shut up." I shook my head with a grinned glued to my face.

"Also," she made a curiously face "why does he call you Blueberry, Pais that's odd?" She asked as she twirled her blonde stands around her finger.

"He says my eyes remind him of blueberries." I raised an eyebrow while smiling.

"That's cute, odd but cute." She smiled. "Orin is going to kill you if he ever finds out that you're hanging with Charlie Sheen. He told me all about Stephan in the car ride here and how much he hates him." She laughed and rolled her eyes as she dragged certain words while she spoke.

"And when have I ever allowed Orin to stop me from doing what I want?" I replied with a cheeky grin.

"Never." she said curling the corners of her mouth up while nodding her head as her long blonde locks followed her movement.

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