Better than Planned

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The dialogue is back to normal (English in bold and Korean in normal font).

Alexis's POV

"So are you thinking about any collabs soon?" The interviewer asks another question.

I watched a lot of past interviews before to prepare for today, and the back-to-back videos made me realize how repetitive they are. They all ask the same things.

Initially, the interviewer only talks to Namjoon, just as the other interviews before. Neither could be blamed though, since he was only one who could speak English, and the interviewers did not speak Korean. The blame could only be assigned to the directors for not hiring interpreters. Whether it was out of disrespect or just plain ignorance, that what the boys had to do. So BigHit had to take matters into their own hands. Mostly by circumstance, they have me now. And I fully plan to do my job.

Therefore, I interrupted Namjoon about five times to interpret the questions before he realized that he doesn't need to do all the talking. Right as the interviewer stopped talking, he would begin to answer or interpret himself unconsciously, but I quickly shut that down. I saw the other members trying to hold in their own laughs, coughing to cover over it, but I could tell that they were grateful.

I ask them about collabs, Namjoon having learned his lesson and letting me do my job. Jungkook answers this time, "Ed Sheeran!"

The rest of them start naming various artists. They don't mention their upcoming song with Steve Aoki. They told me that they have been reaching out to him with their managers to produce a song together. It's already been confirmed, so they just need to make a date. But before that, they have to film the music video for the next group song back in Korea.

The best part about being Bangtan's soulmate and a BigHit employee, is that I know when all of the new songs will come out and get to see them being made. It brings out the fangirl in me from before I met the boys. Once an ARMY, always an ARMY.

She continues talking, stopping every few sentences so I can relay her words. Though the interviewers always ask the same questions, I can acknowledge that they are only on there to talk about their music, so there's only so much you can ask without doing extensive research on the group. However, there is question a lot of shows asks that don't need to be asked, "So, have any of you found your soulmates yet?"

I pause for a moment, making eye contact with Namjoon. He doesn't say anything, but his eyes get softer. With a slight nod of his head, I interpret to the members, hoping that my slip-up wasn't noticed.

I translate the response that every ARMY expected to hear. I know I used to. "Unfortunately, none of us have found them yet." They would constantly say this, but I had always believed that they were just keep them secret. I had no idea that they were telling the truth. Only now, do they actually have to lie.

"But whoever they are, they will be absolutely stunning." Namjoon adds directly in English.


Hoseok's POV

Our beautiful soulmate does her job amazingly. It took a lot of willpower to stop a chuckle from escaping when she interrupted Namjoon as rationally as possible. This is her first time translating for an interview, yet she is already doing great.

I remember her telling us that she was going to college for International Studies before she came to Korea. That must be why she interprets so well despite not having done it before. I think she is still studying even now, while touring with us. Myself and some of the other members are doing the same, touring and going to college, but not while transitioning to a completely different country surrounded by strangers. She really is amazing.

She only paused when the dating question came up. I'm sure that most of us stiffened up when she interpreted this. I never had to think this much about acting normal before. Here on live television, being recorded by some ARMY somewhere and to be posted on the show's website later in perfect resolution.

Taehyung comes up with a response fairly quickly, "Unfortunately, none of us have found them yet." He says, as the rest of us relax as Alexis relays it. As much as I want to reveal it, the public doesn't need to know that she's right in front of us. Not yet.

Namjoon says something in English to the interviewer. Alexis doesn't say anything, not having to switch languages, but if I wasn't so in love with her, I wouldn't have been watching her with enough care to notice the slight redness of her cheeks. Whatever it was that Namjoon said, I fully support.

The interviewer asks a few more questions about the tour and album, then the segment ends. When the cameras turn off, the directors and assistants tell us that we can go backstage. Ourselves and our staff go to the back. The interview was early in the morning, so I go directly to the food. I see Alexis walk off somewhere. I keep it in mind, but don't think much about it.

The maknae line talks casually beside me, the others having gone somewhere. Jungkook has the poor paper plate piled up with far more than it can hold. Jimin and Taehyung try to steal each other's food, Jungkook and I laughing when one of them drops their plate.

As they both clean up, I finish eating and go to the bathroom. I walk down the hallway, multiple rooms on either side. Almost to the bathroom, I hear two voices. I immediately recognize them as my soulmate and one of the members.

"Alexis." He says sternly.

"Yes?" Her voice is calm. Once I realize that they are having a serious conversation, I feel guilty for listening in. I'm about to leave, but his next words have me grounded.

"I want to tell the company."

I hear a pause, before Alexis asks questioningly, "Tell the company what?"

"That we're soulmates. All of us."

My eyes go wide.

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