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I love jealous characters.

"Don't worry about the people who aren't happy for you. They probably aren't happy for themselves either." - Unknown.

— DAMIAN WAS getting severely annoyed with the boys in this stupid school

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— DAMIAN WAS getting severely annoyed with the boys in this stupid school. Why you ask? Ever since Marinette tried out wearing the new clothes she made (god he didn't even want to think about what they did to him) - leather ones (she has to stop hanging out with Jason), they kept on flirting with his Habibti! And they had just arrived to school and like 5 boys had already tried!

Especially Agreste. Since yesterday he had been flirting with her for whatever reason. But it was starting to get annoying.

The two of them had decided to keep their relationship on the down-low so that no one bothered them. It wasn't exactly a secret, but it also wasn't something they told everyone about. They enjoyed their privacy, thank you very much! Their PDA was mostly restricted to out of school times, in the Manor, in her house, etc.

But right now? Right now, Damian sorely wished they had shouted it on the rooftops so that everyone knew. He gritted his teeth when he saw Agreste again attempting to flirt with his Habibti. Apparently he had given her a bouquet of glittery flowers when Marinette said no to a date. And Césaire was encouraging him because as far as she knew 'Marinette has a crush on you! She has had on for years! You should really ask her out Adrien. And when you guys get together maybe she'll get along with Lila.'

Damian snorted at Rossi'S expression when she said that. It looked like her face was a tomato getting squeezed. Agreste was saying "Do you like it Princess-" Who calls his Habibti Princess? It seemed to be saying she was incapable of taking care of herself! "I bought it just for you. Do you want to go an a-" He was thankfully interrupted by the incompetent teacher starting the class.

Marinette discreetly threw the flowers in the trash and tried to wipe the glitter away from her desk. Damian smirked at her from behind. Unfortunately she realised what he was doing and rolled her eyes at him.


Damian was at the end of his rope. Figuratively of course. It was lunch right now and about 15 boys had come and tried to flirt with Marinette! He couldn't even talk to his girlfriend!

Chloe smirked at him from her seat next to Marinette. "Damian, you seem to be giving the famous glare to everyone..." she drawled.

Damian glared harder when Agreste came sauntering up to their table. Really if it were up to him, Agreste would find himself run through with a katana. Damian clenched his fists when Agreste had the gall to ask his Habibti again to go on a date. He said "Marinette, Princess, why don't we go to Andre's today? He'll show you that we are meant to be."

The light in his Habibti's eyes dimmed. Damian clenched his fists harder. How dare he say that? How dare he remove the light in his Habibti's eyes? How dare he insinuate that she 'belongs' to him? How dare he?

Before he knew it, he was saying in a furious voice, "No Agreste," he hissed. "Habibti will not be going on a date with you because I am dating her. And she does not belong to you. She is not an object you can just claim."

The whole lunchroom had fallen silent. The Ice Prince of Gotham was dating the Sunshine of DuPont? As expected Cesaire was the one to yell out "Since when were you dating Mari? She would have told me!"

His Habibti smiled at him (he would spend the rest of his life making sure she smiles like that) and replied to Cesaire "Alya, Damian and I have been dating for 6 months already. I didn't tell you because we haven't spoken in almost 7 months." She directed her next sentence to that idiot, Agreste. "And Adrien no, I will not go on a date with you because I already have a boyfriend like I've told you since yesterday."

Agreste practically wilted. Then he stupidly glared at Damian - to which Damian responded to by wrapping his arms around his Habibti's waist and crashed his lips into hers. The whole lunch room stopped breathing. His Habibti responded to him almost immediately and they nearly would have had an impromptu make out session in front of the whole school had Chloe not coughed loudly.

The two of them pulled apart blushing madly but still proving their point to Agreste, Césaire, and the rest of the idiot boys. Although, Damian's hair was ruined, it was totally worth the sight of his Habibti.

Damian glared at Agreste and said "I am dating Marinette, and anyone who tries to flirt with her will. Pay. Dearly."

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