Chapter 25

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"When are you coming home? I'm so bored without you." Ariana said on the FaceTime call.

"I'll be home tomorrow morning. I just came cause my dad hates flying alone. I've been stuck in this room for like two days. I was thinking about going out tonight though. Maybe get something to eat with some friends." I said.

"Yeah, I forgot you know everyone known to man." Ariana said.

"I would not say all that. But I love you, go to sleep. I'll be there in the morning." I said.

"I love you, baby. Have fun." Ariana said. I hung up the phone and put it in my back pocket.


"Y/N!" My friends said as I walked to the table. Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Florence Pugh all stood up. I hugged them and sat down beside Florence and across from Chris.

"I'm so glad you guys are here at the same time. It's been so long." Scarlett said.

"Yeah, my schedule has been hectic." I said.

"Oh really? Because you went to Bora Bora with Florence." Chris said crossing his arm.

"Well that was for my brother's birthday. Flo always goes with me for our little family trips." I said.

"Scarlett, how are the kids?" Florence asked.

"Oh they're fantastic, but I hate that question because I'm the only one here with kids, and I feel old." Scarlett said.

"Don't worry. Ariana wants one now, so I'll probably be close behind you." I said.

"No way you're with her after she did that to you in Bora Bora." Florence said.

"We talked over everything, and she has apologized multiple times. And her and Dalton got divorced. I'm with her now." I said.

"What happened in Bora Bora?" Scarlett asked.

"Oh nothing. Just that Y/N confessed her undying love for the girl and got rejected in front of all of us." Florence said.

"Undying love? I thought you said you'd never love a woman." Chris said.

"Well I hadn't met Ariana Grande. She's the one." I said.

"Well if you're happy, I'm happy. We just want what's best for you." Scarlett said.

"Thanks, Scar." I said.


"Hey, you." Ariana said as I picked her up. I spun her around and placed her on the ground.

"You missed me?" I teased.

"Oh you know it." She smiled. I picked my bags back up and walked in my house. I took my stuff upstairs and started unpacking in my room.

"So what did you do while I was gone?" I asked.

"The usual. Threw a party, had sex with a bunch of girls." She shrugged. I laughed.

"You're hilarious when you try to be me." I smiled.

"I hung out with my family and your family and wrote some music. What did you do in New York?" Ariana asked laying on the bed.

"Dad was doing business shit while I stayed inside. But I did eat dinner with a few of my friends." I said.

"Did Florence have anything to say about us dating?" She asked. I shrugged.

"She was a tad confused, but I think she's over it." I said.

"Maybe we should have like a get together for all of your friends because I don't think they like me a whole lot." She said.

"What? That's not true. Jackson and Brady love you." I said.

"I mean your celebrity friends." She said.

"Yeah, well they will get over it." I told her.

"Okay." She mumbled.


"I can't even bite into my food without you asking me about a baby." I said.

"I'm old! I need Ariana to have a baby!" Nonna said. I smiled and bit into my food.

"Well I stopped my birth control, so maybe it'll be soon. Maybe it won't." Ariana said.

"Oh I hope it's soon. I hope it's a boy!" Joan said.

"Yeah, I don't really care. Long as it's not ugly." I said laughing. Ariana hit me.

"I think we should be talking about marriage." Frankie said. I groaned.

"Why is being an adult so hard? Especially when you're in love?" I said.

"Welcome to the real world!" Joan said.

"Well I don't like this world very much." I told her.

"Speaking of grown up stuff, how's work?" Nonna asked. I groaned again.

"We have to find a new lead for our actuarial staff, and I have to do interviews with Everly. I've never even done an interview before cause I didn't get to hire Everly, so I don't want to do that." I said.

"My baby is such a hard worker." Ariana smiled.

"Not by choice!" I said.


Short ass chapter cause double update.

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