𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐧𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐝 | yandere daminette

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Warning: Yandere Damian

"I need you like a heart needs a beat." - Unknown

— DAMIAN WAS frantic

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— DAMIAN WAS frantic. His Habibti had disappeared and he didn't know what to do! When she was with him, he always made sure he was with her all. The. Time.

Damian loved his Habibti and would kill anyone in a heartbeat if they hurt her. The only one who could stop him was Marinette.

Every. Single. Day, when he left for barely an hour, Damian made sure all of the security measures were in place. After all, he was obsessed in love with Marinette, and wouldn't survive if she died.

Damian ran all around the apartment his Habibti was living in with him, but she wasn't there. He knew this would happen, he knew this would happen one day and he berated himself for being so careless. His Habibti had persuaded him to relax a little today. How could he have done that? Now she was kidnapped and likely...no he wouldn't think of that. His Habibti was strong and resourceful. She would be fine.

Wasting no time, Damian looked around in all of the cameras in the house (thank god his Habibti didn't convince him to turn those off). He searched and searched through the cameras until he found what he was looking for.

There! It was an image of 4 men dragging of his Habibti into a black van. Damian clenched his fists and seethed. How dare they? Damian was going to kill them. He was going to murder them and make them regret doing that. He was going to- Not the time. He had to go and save his Habibti.

Damian used the tracker he put on his Habibti and pulled on his Robin suit and took off to the location. When he arrived, he saw hand-shaped bruises on his Habibti's arms.

Damian saw red. He went into full-assassin mode - something that hadn't happened in decades. All that was running through his mind was the need to kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

But his Habibti didn't need to see that, so he pulled her out, dropped her outside (carefully, of course) and made sure the men who kidnapped her would never do so again.

Once he was done 'taking care' of the kidnappers he took his Habibti to their apartment, washed himself up and hugged her. Tightly. When she said "Damian. Dove. I'm fine. I'm okay."

Damian shuddered and whispered "I know Habibti, but it was so close. They nearly killed you."

His Habibti sighed and snuggled closer into his embrace. She understood. She understood the kind of pain, the kind of fear he was going through right now.

After that day, Damian never let his Habibti out of his sight. The only time he even did that was when he was on patrol and on missions. Even then he would call every hour without fail and make sure she was fine.

He would never let that happen again. Never.

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