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This has been sitting in my drafts for months now. Oops?

"Home is where you are loved the most, and act the worst." - Marjorie Pay Hinckley

— MARINETTE TWIRLED around in the dress she was going to wear for the Wayne Gala

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— MARINETTE TWIRLED around in the dress she was going to wear for the Wayne Gala. The dress, made by her of course, was a deep midnight blue at the top and trailed off into a sparkly silver towards the bottom. Along the dress, there were blue and black flowers embroidered by hand. To top it off she wore silver necklace with her standard Ladybug earrings.

She, along with Chloe and the rest of their stupid class, were invited to the Wayne Gala as an addition to their trip to Gotham.

Chloe was wearing a yellow dress made by Marinette, but it wasn't as detailed as hers.

Chloe laughed at Marinette's dramatics and said, "These dresses are great Maribug!"

Marinette grinned at Chloe at replied "Glad you like it Queenie, come on, let's go or the class might leave without us."

Chloe rolled her eyes at that, their dear, dear class (under Lie-la's influence, of course) decided to leave them on their first day so from then, they had decided to be down early for everything so that they did not get left behind again.

As they went down in the lift, Chloe whispered into Marinette's ear "What do you think the sheep are going to be wearing after you said no to making them dresses and suits?"

Marinette snickered at that. 2 days before the Gala the whole class had come demanding Marinette make dresses for them. When Marinette refused, they accused her of being jealous over Lila and Adrien going together.

"Marinette, I can't believe you won't make us dresses just because you're jealous over Lila and Adrien. And you're my bestie! You're supposed to have my back!" said Cesaire.

Marinette snorted at that and replied, "Actually Alya, we haven't been friends in months, let alone best friends. Chloe is my best friend and she asked me to make her dress a month ago AND is paying for it. And for your information, I no longer have that ridiculous crush on Agreste after I saw what a spineless coward he was."

The class was in shock. When was CHLOE Marinette's best friend? And why would she call Adrien a coward?

In answer to Chloe's question, Marinette said "Probably some old dresses they have that I made. At least they'll be appropriate for the Gala."

Oh, how wrong she was.

It seemed the class had completely destroyed the dresses from what they were before. Now? They were barely passing the dress code of the Gala with Lie-la and her biggest follower, the tabloid writer being the lowest.

They were wearing orange dresses that were jagged at the edges, which they seemed to think were stylish.

Chloe burst out laughing at their 'ridiculous, utterly ridiculous' ensemble.

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