Ch. 29

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"Yeah," I answered and quickly got my suitcase out from under my bed.  I couldn't stay here for another minute while knowing that I could probably never see my mother again. I couldn't lose her, not now. And especially not after the way I left. When my father first told me that rogues had attacked the pack and that my brother was injured, I wasn't particularly worried because I knew Roger was strong. He was a werewolf and an alpha on top of that. His healing abilities were greater than that of a normal wolf so I knew he was going to survive.

But it was different this time. Not only was my brother injured again, my mother was as well. This could only mean that the rogues were trying to eradicate the alpha's family, and with them, the entire pack. While I had faith in the pack to defend themselves, I didn't have so much hope for my mum. She was human and did not have the healing abilities that the rest of them were blessed with.

She was like me.

And I couldn't lose her.

"What happened? Did they say anything?" Evan questioned as he sat up in the bed we shared, looking at me with worried eyes.

I took in a deep breath, wondering how I was going to explain to him that a group of wolves hated my family and wanted them dead. "A burglary went wrong," I said, coming up with the lie on the spot. "My mom and older brother got in the line of fire," I stated. I hated lying to him this way, but it was the only way I could explain my urgency at the moment without having Evan suspect anything.

"I'm coming with you," Evan stated, making me pause to look at him with a raised brow. 

"No," I said, leaving no room for any arguments but it seemed Evan was not ready to listen to me.

"What do you mean no? I am coming with you, Angelo," he insisted, nearing me and taking my hands in his. He cupped my face gently and tilted my head so our eyes met. All I saw when I looked into his eyes were a determined need and a sense of duty as if all he cared about was supporting me in this time. But he couldn't just leave his life behind and follow me into a world he had no idea of.

I had not mentioned anything about my family to him, except for the fact that we were British. Evan had no idea that most of my family, in fact, all of them with the exception of my mother were werewolves. He had no idea the kind of secrets that lay beyond what he knew to be real and I wasn't ready to divulge that news to him. Not even his best friend whom I had come to know as an Alpha had told Evan of his true nature, and as much as I cared about him, I wasn't sure he was ready to know.

I just couldn't allow him to leave everything behind and follow especially when I didn't know the true nature of the events that had occurred. Those rogues could still be out there and as a human, there was no way I could fight them There was no way for me to protect Evan if something actually did happen.

"You don't understand, Evan. you can't come," I said softly, hoping to the spirits that he would somehow agree with him.

Evan shook his head. "Angelo, I care about you, you know that," he whispered as he sat down next to me on the beds we had put together. "I cannot live with myself if I let you go back alone when I can see you're suffering. You don't know how your mother is fairing and I know I'd be devastated if I were in your shoes," he explained. "Let me be your shoulder," Evan offered as he leaned closer and kissed my lips softly.

I let out a deep sigh when his lips touched mine, instantly relaxing in the comfort he gave me. He was right, I knew that. All I wanted was to be with him and as he said, have him be the shield I needed in a moment like this. But he didn't know... 

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