6|| A Sibling Bond

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I watched her as she walked out the kitchen her face filled with regret

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I watched her as she walked out the kitchen her face filled with regret. I didn't say anything back to her which is quite rude but I didn't care. I didn't care for her. Why did I agree to this fucking deal.

Viper. The one and only fucker who wants me dead. A lot of people want me dead but no one dared to try. The last person to ever try was Caleb West and the same afternoon he came for me was the same afternoon I left him in a body bag drowning in the lake.

Viper is known around the town. Everyone knows him as the low life creep who kills mercilessly. To me he's the man that took away the only parental figure Lilly had left in her life.

I disliked my mother for many reasons but seeing her be slaughtered right in front of me was not how I planned to say goodbye to her. Neither was it how I planned for Lilly to see. Knowing that Lilly saw hurt more than the fact my mother had just been murdered.

I blinked snapping out of thoughts and opened the top shelf cupboard pulling out a plate. I scooped some of the Alfredo in and went into my room on the the farthest side of the house away from anyone.

Pushing the door open I set the plate on desk and pulled out my phone connecting it to my laptop.

I started typing looking for any whereabouts on Viper. The last time he was seen was near the docks stealing my shipment. I didn't care that he stole from me I cared more of the fact that he thought he could steal and get away with it.

I finished the plate of food over time but I still didn't find anything on Viper. There had to be something on him or someone working with him because I'm sure he couldn't break out of prison alone.

Viper is smart but also dumb at the same time. He works skillfully but somehow always manages to leave an open target on his back. I never complained about it because it made finding him easier but something about it didn't sit right with me.

I never understood why he left open targets on his back. Anyone could of shot him dead yet he continued to make his moves like that, up until he got arrested. He got arrested for stealing in a supermarket. A fucking supermarket.

Even seven year old me stole from a supermarket and till this day I got away with it. I heard a knock on the door and I cracked my knuckles muttering 'come in'.

The door open and I looked down to see Lilly strolling in holding her blanket and Mr. Twinkles. A blue teddy I got her for her fifth birthday. Ever since then she never sleep without him.

"Hey Lils" I smiled and she rubbed her eyes smiling back at me.

"Hey Ace, what you up too?" she questioned walking towards me and I picked her up placing her on my lap.

"I'm trying to find someone" I answered and she nodded her head looking at the screen.

I turned down the brightness a little so it wouldn't affect her eyes and she just continued to stare at the screen. She did that a lot. Stare. She never said anything when someone was doing something she just concentrated on what they were doing.

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