Chapter twenty four

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Y/n wakes up in a cold sweat and looks around her room in the dark, seeing nothing but darkness she groggily checks the time on her phone. Tuesday 4:44am. Groaning Y/n slinks back under her covers, she's only been asleep for about an hour or two, and still has some time until she has to go to school.

As she's lying in bed Y/n is dreading the week ahead, not only is she worried about Chelsea's return on Wednesday, but she's also dreading having to go to her job.

Normally Y/n would just soldier through, keep moving no matter what and don't stop, but with school work getting harder, her aunt piling on chores, and on top of that having to go do a shift everyday after school until 1:00am, it's starting to weigh on her mentally, physically and emotionally. Luckily thanks to Bts, most chores are taken off of Y/ns to do list, so she only really needs to cook and wash up.

Staff is still low because of Eddys endless firing, and with half of them being school kids like Y/n, not many people are willing to work the 6:00pm-1:00am late shift, so it usually falls onto her and whatever unlucky soul Eddy is unhappy with.

It's not like Y/n can quit, she has to pay her share of the bills, and where else would hire someone like her? She's lucky that Eddy hasn't fired her yet, she's lucky to have a job at all, she should be thankful, but Y/n finds herself weighing the positives against the negatives more and more, and her getting barely enough sleep isn't helping.

It's funny that until she met Bts, Y/n never truly realised just how exhausted she was.

The sun rises and peeks through Y/ns blinds, alarm going off she sighs, 6:30 already... mad at herself that she spent precious hours of sleep thinking of work, she grumpily slinks out of bed to get ready. Too tired to do anything grand, she gets out cereal and milk, butter, jam, and peanut butter, and makes some toast. Snacking on an apple as she carefully makes and measures herself a sandwich, Y/n gathers her stuff, shoots Bts a text, and leaves precisely at 7:00.

As usual, Bts finds Y/n sticking to her tight schedule, on her way to school, she just listens to them all talk as she trudges along too tired to add anything to the conversation. Taking note of her exhaustion, Bts quieten down as they walk along.

The group arriving at school, Y/n still gets shocked when people wave at her with friendly smiles as they say, hello or good morning, but she's trying her best to adjust and return with a smile and small greeting of her own. It's still very awkward for her but Y/n's happy this way.

Taking a seat at a school bench, the seven continue to chat in hushed voices, as they watch Y/n with amusement, as she nods off while desperately trying to finish some homework. Failing to win her battle against the monster called sleep, Y/n concedes and her head droops onto Jungkook's shoulder, as he looks at her in a worried but overall happy delight.

Y/n has a decent nap when she's woken up by the group's loud groan, Jimin forgetting to stay quite loudly complains in frustration, "what is she doing back?" Y/n jolts awake, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she looks around confused, "who?" Her question is immediately answered, in shock she asks, "Chelsea? I thought she was coming back tomorrow?" Not mentally prepared for this surprise, she trembles recalling being threatened with a knife.

The eight of them watch Chelsea like a hawk, as she walks up to her old group of friends, Zack also being part of that crowd. No one greets her, no one says hello, they just look at her emotionlessly. Laughing awkwardly like they're playing a prank on her, Chelsea rolls her eyes and says, "ha ha ha very funny, I come back after being falsely suspended, and this is the greeting I get? Why would you play such a mean trick! What did I do to you?"

No one says a word, deep down Chelsea panics a bit, "come on guys, this isn't funny! I've had the worst week of my life, now's not the time to play a prank on me! I've been fearing for my life, I've barely had enough sleep because of what I went through. I look behind me wherever I go, I'm paranoid, and I can't stand even being near a knife. I don't need this! I need you guys to be there for me!" Tears fall down her face in a pretty fashion, to showcase a weak, fragile beauty. Too bad her mask has already been ripped off, and no one believes a word she says.

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