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Double update- read this one first ;)

"I knew I needed you, but I never showed."


9 years ago: Age- 15

"Delilah" he screamed her name coming into the class, his eyes desperately searching for her.

"Where is Delilah?" he asked Grayson who just ignored him and went away not before slightly pushing his shoulder away.

He was confused as to why Grayson was behaving like this, Grayson was always a very calm guy and barely got angry with anyone.

"Damien" he called his name just because he was desperate to know where Delilah was.

Damien in response just raised his eyebrows indicating him to continue speaking.

"Have you seen Delilah?" his voice came out a little hurriedly, desperately wanting to see her.

"She's gone," Damien said, his voice filled with sadness.

"Where?"Maxwell tilted his head, brows furring not understanding what Damien meant.

"She left Chicago," he said and put his head down on the desk.

"Wait. What the fuck?" When?" Maxwell looked at Damien with anger-filled eyes not for him, but for Delilah.

"Last night, she invited all of us to her house for dinner also," Damien smirked at the way Maxwell's face fell but he controlled himself and kept a straight face.

"Why the fuck did she not invite me?" he half yelled at Damien.

"She didn't want you there, anyway it's good now yeah? She wouldn't have to get killed by some bastard. Now she can live a good life. Fall in love with someone, date them, get married-" Damien's sentence was interrupted when Maxwell banged his hand loudly on his desk, luckily no one was in class to witness their banter.

He got closer to Damien and lowly said "No one will date Delilah, no will get married to her except-" this time Maxwell's sentence was cut off by a loud scream that echoed through the empty classroom.

"See, I told you there's something going on between them- there was always so much of sexual tension. Oh my god, guys, is this enemies to lovers that I am witnessing?" the green-eyed girl exclaimed with an excited glee on her face, truly happy for her friends.

"Delilah" maxwell whispered completely confused seeing her.

Damien, Emily, and Grayson were trying their best to not laugh, now burst into fits of laughter. Delilah was just staring at them completely confused about what's so funny in this situation. She turned to look at Maxwell just to see him clenching his jaw and closing his eyes to control his breathing, his face quite red.

If Maxwell was a cartoon character he would have steam blowing out of his ears, Delilah snickered at that thought.

Delilah was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't notice when a set of hands swooped over her shoulder and drew her into an embrace.

She was very confused with everyone's behavior, firstly it was her friends that kept laughing for no damn reason but she just shrugged it off as it was normal for them to be weird like that.

Secondly, she was confused with Maxwell's behavior. As soon as she entered the classroom, his eyes were already on her figure and she thought she saw relief in them? His way of hugging was also quite different. She wouldn't say Maxwell was a frequent hugger, but he did hug her maybe once a week randomly, but it wasn't like this.

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