Chapter 31: Marriage Proposal

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Athanasia's eyes went wide when she heard his father asked that question. She doesn't know whether to laugh or cry in this hilarious situation. Her poor Papa was left in his own room trying to figure out something that he doesn't seem to know.

If it's about a proposal, her mother might've said 'yes' as soon as Claude proposed to her. However, it seems like something unexpected happened.

Athanasia went to the picture frame that was placed on the floor. She picks it up and stared at the beautiful face of Miss Penelope Judith. Her green eyes were actually enchanting and her charm is truly attractive.

'But Mom is prettier,' Athy thought as she nodded her head.

Her mother probably knows what's the past relationship between Miss Judith and Claude, however, Athy cannot blame her mother because if she suddenly acts like that, she is probably jealous.

"It's obvious that Mom and Dad like each other" she uttered while staring at the picture frame. She carefully placed it back in its position, she also made sure that the picture is facing the floor, so her father won't see Miss Judith's photo anymore.

'Who knows if he suddenly burns it?'

Athy's eyes went to her father who was still preoccupied. He looks innocent and naive but there is a hint of seriousness on his face.

Athanasia tilted her head when Claude started to walk away. "Papa where are you going?" She asked. Claude stopped walking as he glanced at her daughter. His eyes went wide when he saw that his daughter is there.

He was too preoccupied.

Claude remained silent for a moment. "I'm going to find Felix," He replied to her. Athanasia giggled when she heard him said that, Claude was probably planning to ask Felix about the 'Proper Proposal' at his knight. "Why are you giggling?" Claude frowned.

"Hehe, nothing~," she said in a singsong tone. 

It was crystal clear. Her father didn't know how to do a 'Proper Proposal'. She is sure that her mother was talking about the 'Modern Marriage Proposal' that was famous in modern days on earth.

But she doesn't think if it's appropriate in this world. Especially the part of 'Kneeling before your beloved'. Claude is an Emperor and an Emperor doesn't kneel. Can Claude do that for Diana?

Of course!

He'll definitely do that.

"Daddy, are you willing to kneel before mom?" Athanasia suddenly asked. 

Claude's eyes went to his daughter. His attention was taken by that simple but heavy question. His daughter's eyes seemed serious and he was amused by it. Claude slowly nodded his head. "I am willing," he answered with a stern voice.

"Why? are you anticipating that I would kneel and beg before your mom to marry me?" Claude asked. Athanasia choked from her father's statement. "I am willing."

She immediately glanced at him with an indifferent look.

'Geez, Daddy's thinking is too excessive! Knowing Mom, I am sure that he doesn't need to go that far...' She thought. 'I can't even imagine daddy doing that...'

Just imagine if Athy won't teach him the right way to propose...

You might see Claude, kneeling on both of his knees while showing a dejected dragon's face in his face. 

That's truly hilarious.

Athanasia rubbed her chin while thinking the pros and cons of her father's sudden decision to marry her mother. It's not like she doesn't want them to marry, but it will surely create a big impact on the whole empire.

Her father's condition is not even fully solved.

But well, if they want to marry. then marry. It's not like Athanasia would be able to stop her father. 

"Daddy, I think I know how to do that 'Proper Marriage Proposal,'! I can help you!" Athanasia suddenly announced while winking at her father. "But when are you planning to propose?" She asked.

"Today," Claude uttered.

Ack! Do you even have a ring?!


"So, what will I'm going to do?" Lucas asked Athy. Lucas noticed the glares of the Emperor to him, however, he is only ignoring it. He crossed his arms as he sat beside Claude.

Athanasia slapped her forehead when she saw the glares of her father to Lucas. "It wasn't that hard," She said. Sweats were forming on her forehead while looking at her father and Lucas who was sitting in one place.

Ah, let's say what happened first. They were looking for Felix to ask him to show how will Claude propose to her mother. Athy can't directly show it to her father and she won't directly tell it to her father as well, that's why she needed a subject to properly instruct Claude.

So, while looking for Felix, Lucas suddenly appeared and that's how the story ends.

"You have to reenact a 'Proper Marriage Proposal' pose in front of my father," She said to Lucas.

"There's a proper way to propose a marriage?" Lucas asked with a surprised reaction. Athanasia glanced at him with an indifferent look. "I don't know that you have to do some ritual to propose," he uttered.

'Yeah, he won't be Lucas if he knows,'  she thought while rolling her eyes.

Athanasia cleared her throat. "Well, it's super easy, you only have to kneel in front of your beloved and ask for a marriage with a ring,"

Claude's face went up when his daughter explained the procedure. 

It sounds easy.

But their imaginations are different from what Athanasia is talking about.

Lucas raised his brows when he heard the word 'Kneel'. He immediately stands up and kneels to the ground with both of his knees. "Like this? It's easy," he said. "but why do we have to kneel? it looks like we're begging."

Lucas stands up while looking at Athanasia.

Athanasia secretly slapped her forehead. "Erm! That wasn't the right way," Athanasia said with a frown. "When you kneel, you only have to bend down on one knee, not both, just like how a knight kneels while being awarded by the king. In short, you have to genuflect," Athy said as if lecturing them. 

This is why they were looking for Felix to show the right and proper way.

"And then you will bring out a ring box, like this." Athanasia acted as if there was a box of a ring in her hands. "After that, you have to ask her like this. 'Will you marry me?', and you have to look at the face while doing this."


"You have to wait for her answer, then that's it."

"What if she rejected your father?" Lucas suddenly asked.

Athanasia glared at Lucas. 'Are you digging your own grave?!' she thought.

Her eyes went to her father who was silent all along. He doesn't look angry but he looks nervous when Lucas mentioned the worst-case scenario. 

She was about to say something to her father. However, Lucas suddenly kneeled before his knee to the ground, showing a perfect pose for a marriage proposal. With a mischievous smile on his face, he suddenly lifted his arms as if there was a ring in his hands. 

"Will you marry me, Athanasia?"


"I am reenacting that ritual," Lucas suddenly said.

Claude who saw the scene immediately stands up with a cold and menacing aura.

"You little rascal!" He shouted.

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