Chapter 3

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Tessa ran upstairs towards Damon's room

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Tessa ran upstairs towards Damon's room. She could hear the sobs he tried to silent from outside the room. She opened the door to find her sitting on the floor, his head tucked between his knees as his body shook.

She bent down and gently grabbed his hands. "Damon," she whispered softly.

He looked up at her with the blood still all over his mouth and jaw, he expected to see the disgust in her eyes, for her to call him a monster and run away like everyone else.

But instead, she just hugged him and held him tight as he sobbed on her shoulders. 

"She's- she's gone Tes. Rose is-," he choked out. 

"Shh," Tessa shushed him. "She is in a better place. I know is. She was kind and loyal. And she found peace, even if she hurt people. You know why?" She asked softly, he just shook his head as he held onto her tightly. 

"Because she wasn't evil. Yes, she was a bad person, she killed people but she wasn't evil. She had her reasons. No one is born evil, and no one deserves to go through what she went through, or what you went through. She wasn't evil, just like you aren't evil, none of you are. You don't deserve all the hurt you've been given. You deserve everything Day, every happiness in the world."

She stroked his hair and lulled him to sleep. She hadn't thought it through though because she then had to drag a huge sleeping vampire to bed, which took most of her energy.

 "Where were you?" Her mother's voice boomed through the house making Tessa flinch. She wasn't supposed to be back until next week. 

"I got an email telling me you've been missing classes," she said disappointed. "You really are a disgrace, Theresa," she snarled before pulling her by her hair and throwing her on the floor.

"I'm sorry mother," she choked out through gritted teeth. 

"Why do you keep doing this? Why can't you just be perfect, be perfect like me? I work so hard to provide you everything and this is how you repay me?"

"Two days in the basement," she said before dragging her down to the basement by her hair, ignoring her pleas. 

"Tell your sweet friends you will be spending some time with your mother," she threw the phone at her.

She knew she could warn them, call them for help. But they had so much to do already. Damon was grieving, in his weird murderous way, Elena's life was in danger and Stefan was busy trying to save it.

She kept making these excuses but she knew, deep down, she didn't want them to know she was weak. For them to see her as a victim, like a broken doll.

So she did as her mother told and messaged them, and then she shut her mouth as her mother starved her and left her to her thoughts about not being the perfect daughter she was meant to be.

"I'm only trying to help you, Theresa," she said softly before locking her in.


Tessa entered the Lockwood mansion for tea at the Historical Society, unfortunately, she was forced to be Damon's second date, which was embarrassing.

"Damon, what are you doing here?" Jenna asked, but got her answer when Andy came and kissed him.

Tessa rolled her eyes at him before looking at Jenna with pleading eyes, to which she just smirked and walked away.

"Damon, what a surprise," Carol Lockwood's annoying voice made Tessa roll her eyes. Carol absolutely hated the girl because she dumped Tyler, leaving him with a broken ego and heart. It wasn't her fault he decided to cheat on her with Vikki Donovan. And it certainly didn't help that she was disrespectful all the time.

"Hi, Elijah I want you to meet Damon Salvatore. And Theresa White," she said the last part through gritted teeth.

"It's great to see you too Mrs. Lockwood," Tessa said with a sickly sweet smile. "It's Tessa," she said while shaking hands with the original.

Somehow, Tessa ended up in an office/room with an angry Damon and a definitely amused original. 

"What can I do for you Damon?" This conversation is already revolting, Tessa thought.

"I was hoping we could have a word," he answered with his annoying smirk.

"Where is Elena," Elijah asked.

"Safe with Stefan. They're laying low. You know a bit of a werewolf problem," he answered. Tessa felt the guilt making her heart clench as she regretted not being there for her best friend.

 She hated feeling like this. Feeling so much, or so little. She either felt enough for hundreds or felt less than a humanity-less vampire.

"Oh yeah, I heard about that," Elijah said sarcastically.

"I'm sure since it was your witch that saved the day."

"You are welcome," he replied.

"Oh my god, you both are terrible at this," Tessa groaned as she banged her head on the table.

"Which adds to my confusion," Damon continued, ignoring the brunette that was now glaring at him, "of exactly why you're here."

"Why don't you just stay focused on keeping Elena safe and leave the rest to me."

Damon, being the idiotic vampire he is, sped to him, "Not good enough."

This obviously led to Elijah's hand around his neck.

"You young vampires, you're so arrogant," he said. "How dare you come in here, and challenge me?"

"You can't kill me, man. It's not part of the deal," Damon said.

"Silence," Elijah said. He then glanced at Tessa who was looking at the exchange with slightly wide eyes, "I apologize, Theresa."

The use of her full name made her unknowingly flinch, Elijah looked at her with furrowed eyes for a second before stabbing Damon with a pencil.

"I'm an original. Show a little respect," he said before handing him a handkerchief. He smiled when he heard Tessa chuckle slightly. Sure her best friend was stabbed in the neck, but it was still funny.

"The moment you cease to be of use to me, you're dead. So you should do what I say. Keep Elena safe."

He nodded at Tessa and walked away leaving an angry and embarrassed Damon and an amused Tessa.

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