Chapter 4

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Tessa groaned as she felt her head pounding

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Tessa groaned as she felt her head pounding. The last thing she remembered was someone attacking her and Alaric.

Lifting her head she saw Damon, he was tied up to a chair with chains and had a collar around his neck, just like her.

The only difference was that there were small wooden stakes on his, while hers was just a leather collar. Alaric's body was laying in front of them, she sighed in relief when she saw the ring around his finger.

"Tess," she heard the tired voice belonging to her best friend.

"Hey Day," she gave him a soft smile.

"Just let her go, please," he begged. "She's human, just don't hurt her."

The werewolf holding their chains ignored him and smiled at her, "Good morning sunshine."

"I saw this movie once, some torture-porn flick. Anyway, they had this collar device that was, heh, really cool. So I just modified it with some wooden nails, and when I pull," he said making Tessa scrunch her nose in disgust as he pulled their chains.

Damon groaned as the nails poked his neck while Tessa choked at the tightness of the collar.

"So, I hear you have the moonstone," Jules said.

"Oh, if only you knew the irony of this moment right now," Damon started. "Let me tell you how this is gonna go. You're gonna torture me, I don't talk, someone losing a heart. Last time it was your boy, Mason."

"This time it'll be you," Jules said before looking at Tessa and grinning. "Or it could be beloved little Tessa," she said before grabbing a stake and stabbing her thigh.

Tessa screamed as tears poured down her cheeks, she could hear Damon's screams, telling them to let her go, to not hurt her.

"Where's the moonstone," Jules demanded as she aimed the buckshot at him.

"Get over it honey," he said. Jules simply shrugged as she aimed it at Tessa. Damon's eyes widened and for the first time, he felt pure terror. The fear of losing her.

"Fine, fine I'll tell you where it is. Just don't hurt Tessa."

But before he could tell them of its location, Elijah's voice echoed through the room.

"You looking for this," he placed the moonstone on the table and moved away, gesturing them to take it. But it was more of a challenge. "Go ahead, take it."

One werewolf sped to the moonstone, but simply lost his heart to Elijah, literally. So did the other two. Jules sped away from them before he could hurt her leaving the man who had pulled their leashes so many times, leaving Tessa's neck red and swollen, to cower away.

"What about you, sweetheart, huh? Wanna take a shot? yes, no, yes?" he said making him shake his head. "Where's the girl?"

"The bitch ran away," Tessa choked out, her voice coming out raspy and strained. Elijah's eyes softened before he looked at the werewolf with pure rage.

He ripped his heart out in an instant before ripping the chains off of both of them.

Tessa fell in his arms as she sobbed on his shoulder. He gently lifted her head and pressed his bitten wrist to her lips. She hesitantly attached her lips to it and drank his blood. She could already feel her wounds heal as the original stroked her hair and whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

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