Chapter 5

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"Who is this guy, Safari Sam?" Klaus in the body of the Scooby Do Gang's beloved history teacher commented as he went through Alaric's clothes

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"Who is this guy, Safari Sam?" Klaus in the body of the Scooby Do Gang's beloved history teacher commented as he went through Alaric's clothes.

"Okay, bad or badder," he asked Katherine who was tied up in a chair.

"The dark colours suit you better," she said. "Oh, thank you, honey."

"Okay, pop quiz. The dagger and the white ash are in the Salvatore's possession?" he asked to which she said that it was used to kill Elijah and that he was in the basement of the house.

"Okay, that dagger needs to stay exactly where it is. The last thing I need to do is resurrect Elijah. Oh, that guy is a buzzkill."

"You're on the outs with Jenna."

"Right, Elena's aunt. For, uh, all the lies about Isobel. What else?"

"Tessa. You occasionally train her, and she's been coming to you for help when she feels overwhelmed because of her problem."


"She gets uneasy at times, kinda like anxiety sometimes. She gets distracted in classes and stuff, I don't know. So you calm her down and tutor her. That's it."

He stroked her hair to which she flinched, "Oh so jumpy."

After interrogating her further about Bonnie and their plans, Alariklaus made a move to leave the apartment to be stopped by Katherine's voice. 

"I'll listen to you. I'll do everything you say, tell you everything I know, just-,"

"Just what? Don't kill you?"

"Please- please don't hurt Tessa. Kill me and anyone else, just don't hurt her."

To say he was surprised was an understatement, usually, he would have killed and tortured her in front of Katherine to see her suffer. But he couldn't deny it, he was curious. 

He wanted to know who the girl was that even the heartless Katherine Pierce cared about.

Elena smiled as she showed the poster of the sixties-decade dance to Stefan only for him to shake his head.

She then proceeded to show it to Tessa who shook her head, and bonnie who nodded hers.

"I'm sure Stefan would enjoy it though," Tessa said with an evil smile. Stefan glared at her, but she only winked at him and grinned, making his heart uncontrollable flutter.

"Hello class," Alariklaus entered the classroom. "What are we learning today?"

"With the decade dance, we've been covering the sixties all week," Dana answered.

"Right, the sixties. The eh-um sixties. I wish there was something good I could say about the sixties, but, they kind of sucked. Except for the Beatles, they made it bearable. Uh, what else was there? Th-,"

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