Chapter 16

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Last night was crazy. I've only met my fiancé once and he already hurt me. There's no way I could back out of the marriage. My father signed a waiver. A divorce could be possible, but not possible without him coming after me and killing my family for it.

I was surprised he didn't fight back at Liam after defending me last night.

I finally roll out of bed and notice Liam isn't here. I kinda figured. After last night my father probably wanted to round up all the men.

When I get up I put on my outfit.

I had marriage things to do today according to my father

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I had marriage things to do today according to my father. I wish my mom was here. She would had probably stopped this. Stopped him.

I had a meeting to attend to with Carlos about the wedding arrangements and living situations. I was hoping to have a separate room from him but knowing him he probably wouldn't have that.

My hair is still in big bouncy curls from last night. I do my makeup and look in the mirror at the final product.


I observe my neck and it's covered in splotches of purples and deep blues.

I furrow my brow in frustration.

I should leave it out so everyone will see what an ass he truly is. But then again being questioned by everyone and looking like a victim of abuse is never something I want spend time doing.

I add my concealer to the bruises and dab it in with a beauty blender.

I wince at it a little. I'm not afraid of him and it barely hurts but I blanked out yesterday. He would had totally overpowered me. I guess that's what happens when you avoid training.

I always told my father not to involve me so much. Of course he still trained me here and there but not like how he did with his men. Not like how he wanted to. He always opposed me staying away from it. He thought that this was my future.

But I guess I'm just the arm candy wife now.

I open my door and approach the stair way. It's a complete zoo. A mad house even.

I've never seen so many men. Body guards. Armed with guns in their back pockets.

I begin to slowly walk down and all eyes fall on me. I cringe. As I take the steps down the stairs I feel my chocolate brown curls bouncing.

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