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   Today sucks. I'm sitting at the dining hall, eating dinner. Everyone at the table giving my curious looks, probably wondering the same thing I am.

   Why the fuck did my mom lock this necklace on me? I remember her telling my it kept me safe. All it did was make me weak. How does that keep me safe?

   Then I start to wonder. If I take it off, will my powers be stronger?

   Oh and to make this dinner worse, I have to talk to the royals after. Andrew's came and told us of their arrival. Levi was right, they were coming to see me.

   "Do you think..." Levi starts to ask.

   "No." I snap. I know he didn't finish his question, but I knew it was going to annoy me. The table goes back to being quiet. I know that was a bitchy move of me. Call me what you want. A bitch, villain, idiot, but after all I'm just a girl.

   And I feel like I've been lied to my whole life. Betrayal, that's what I feel. And I know that Will can sense that. Because it's overfilling my head so much it's starting to pound.

   Will had just got back from a quiet discussion with Andrew's. I can already guess what they were talking about. My stupid necklace.

   So now I have a stupid necklace and a stupid bracelet.


   Dinner was sadly done in a hurry. Now, I was walking with Will and Andrew's to meet Will's parents. Could this day get any worse?

   I start to feel nervous while we walk up to the large doors. Once's I know that lead to the Royals.

   I jump slightly, when I feel Will's hand touch my lower back. "They aren't terrible people." He whispers in my ear, probably trying to calm down my nerves. He didn't help.

   The doors open. And there, sitting at the end of a long table, are a woman and man that scream power. I turn my attention to the woman. Like her son, she has beautiful brown hair. But Will gets his eyes from his father.

   The woman gives me a look over. Her gaze stops near my stomach. Will quickly moves his hand off my back. I blush in embarrassment, hoping that they didn't get the wrong idea.

   "Arden." She smiles. Andrew, Will, and I all take seats at the table.

   "Your, Majesties?" Fuck, how am I supposed to greet them? The woman laughs at that.

   "Katherine, you can call me by my name. Honey, introduce yourself." She nudges her husband.

   He gives her a coy smile, one very much like his son's. "I don't know, I'm kinda liking being addressed as that."

   Katherine laughs and pushes his shoulder with hers. "You're not funny Adam."

   "Yea? Then why are you laughing." Adam smirks back. He has a smirk, also just like Will's. I look at the royals. If you didn't know them, you would think they are just a normal beautiful couple. One that very much loves each other.

   Will clears his throat. "Mother, father. Arden has had a long day." The royals smiles slightly dim.

   "Yes, we've heard about your discovery." The king says looking down at my necklace. I touch it, almost shamed to be wearing it.

   "We just wanted to meet..." The queens statement stays unfinished. I can see her eyes calculating what to say.

   "The devils child?" I finish for them. That makes both of their smiles completely drop. "I know what you think of him. You don't have to tip toe..."

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