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   Like everyday, Will comes to my room in the morning. Wakes me up, tells me to be ready in an hour, comes back, and takes me to breakfast.

   The topic at breakfast was today's training. The boys were excited to do combat training, whereas Lily not so much.

   I, of course, didn't say anything. I've only been allowed to go to their training once. And I doubt I would be able to again.

   At least, that's what I thought.

   "Get changed and meet everyone at the field for training in an hour." Will says with a yawn. We had just finished breakfast and walked back to my room.

   "What?" I ask completely shocked. He said that like it was the most casual thing in the world.

   "Don't tell me you've gone deaf." Will gives me a slight smirk. My face breaks into a huge grin.

   "Are you serious? I get to train?"

   Will's smirk is replaced with a smile. "Yup, you have an hour to get ready. Do you remember how to get to the field?"

   "You want me to go to the field, by myself?" I don't think my mouth could get any wider.

   "Yup, do you remember or not?"

   "Umm, yes I remember." I grin excitedly. "But so it's clear, I'm going to meet you at the field. You aren't going to come get me?"

   He shakes his head amused. "No, I have to go talk to my parents before they leave. Do you want me to send someone..."

   I quickly cut him off. "Nope, I am completely fine meeting you there."

   "Ok good." He turns to leave. He jumps when I sequel in joy. I attack him with a hug.

   "Fuck, Arden." I could tell I scared him, but I was too happy to care.

   "Yea, I bet you wish you could." I say pulling away from him and smiling.

   He gives me a weird look. "You have problems and a very dirty mind." He shakes his head and turns away.

   "Wait, what am I supposed to wear? I can't train in this." I look down at the dress Will had brought to me that morning. I would get my ass beaten in this.

   "Check your closet." He says before practically pushing me into my room and shutting the door.

  I run to the side of my room where my closet is located. I've opened it once before, and it was completely empty. Now when I open it, it's filled with dozens of shirts, dresses, pants, anything I wanted.

   I beam when I pull out my clothes for training. Leggings, a tank top, and a simple pair of running shoes. I braid my hair quickly before being ready.

   I look nervously at the door. The one I've tried to pry open countless of times. One that's always been locked. I hold my breath while I reach for the handle, and gasp when I find it unlocked.

   I quietly peak my head out the door, expecting Will to be there. Any minute, he's going to jump up and tell me it's a joke. I grin when I see no one in sight.

   I practically skip through the hallway. Wow, this feels weird. I quickly head down the stairs towards the exit.

   I've noticed that there's no one staying in a room near me. They probably separated me from the rest on purpose. Not that I mind. I exit the building.

   I look to my right, the path I need to follow to get to the training grounds. And then to my left, no path but I'm guessing miles and miles of trees.

   I could leave, this could be my chance.

   But they would find me.

  And I have this stupid bracelet, and now necklace. I sigh and head right.

   I grin walking up to my group of...

   Would you call them friends?

   Yea, friends.

   "Well, look at you sunshine." Levi is the first the spot me. He greets me with his usual wide smile.

   "I'm a walking free woman." I grin back.

   "We see that." Carter smiles, giving me a side hug. "Congrats."

   "Thank you, now I just need to get this stupid thing off." I say lifting my wrist.

   "Don't get too ahead of yourself." I turn my head at his voice. Will, always smirking, walks up to us.

   "How was talking with you parents?" I ask.

   Will smirk leaves, and instead gives me a strange expression. "It was fine." He says looking around.

   "What's up with you?" Levi asks.

   "Nothing..." he starts to say, then looks back at me.

   "Are you sure?" Lily laughs. "You're acting weird."

   Will's smirk returns back to his face. "It's nothing, I just think this is weird." He says pointing at me.

   "Me being here? Yea I agree."

   "No, you're different." He says looking me up and down. "You aren't angry or sad."

   I look up at him confused. "Then what am I?"

   "Happy." He says like it's the weirdest thing in the world. I groan and shove his shoulder. "There we go, annoyed. Just how I like you." He smirks.

   "I hate when you're in my head."

   "Then stop letting me in."

   "I can't because of this stupid bracelet."

   "You know, I could still read you emotions without it." He says amused.

   "No, I know how to block people out." I say crossing my arms. "The bracelet just makes it difficult."

   "Interesting." Carter says, "Usually that takes years of practice. It's one of the first things we teach when kids arrive."

   "My dad taught me." I feel weird whenever I bring up my father. So, doing what I do best, I change the subject. "So when do you think I can get it off?"

   "My parents told Andrews he can take it off whenever he thinks you're ready." Will says.

   "They did say that." We turn our head at the headmasters voice.

   I grin, "So can I get it off?"

   "No." He laughs.

   "Why is that funny?" I pout crossing my arms.

   "Because you looked so excited." He laughed again.

   I gasp, "Andrews you are so mean."

   "I am bad to the bone." I stare at the old man in front of me. He is anything but.

"Please take it off." I slightly beg, batting my eyelashes.

"Goodness, you look so much like your mother when you do that." My smile drops. I didn't think he knew my mother.

"You knew her?"

"I taught her." He smiles sadly. I think he could tell my discomfort, because he looks almost guilty for brining her up. "I could never say no to your mother when she did that, so I'm not shocked I'm having a hard time saying no to you."

I beam again, "Does that mean you'll take it off?"


I practically jump up and down in excitement. "Yay." I hold out my wrist eagerly.

"There's a catch though." I instantly drop my wrist down.

"A catch?" I ask.


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