#5 Releap

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"Morning Kisaki! How was your night yesterday?" y/n greets her friend the next morning as they walk to school together,"Hm? Fine, I suppose." Kisaki shrugs as y/n looks out in front of her with a smile tugging at her lip, and he didn't miss the shine that gleams in her eyes. Just what the hell is making her smile so much?

"Did you see the fireworks last night!? They were so beautiful! It was the first time I've ever seen fireworks before!" y/n starts rambling and Kisaki couldn't help but sigh with relief. Oh, that's why she was smiling so much today.

"Yes, I did. It's a common thing around here in Japan. Don't they have fireworks in France?" he asks as they enter the school gates,"They do, but it's actually illegal if professionals aren't using them." y/n explains as she remembers the different shapes fireworks,"And they didn't have fireworks that explodes into shapes, like a heart or a star." she sighs with a content smile.

Kisaki couldn't help but smile at this. Even if he'd known the girl for a short period of time, he's immediately drawn attached to her. Faster than he did with...

"Kisaki, you okay? You're grinning really widely right there buddy. You're scaring our classmates a bit." y/n points out with an awkward smile and Kisaki shakes his head slightly,"I'm fine, don't worry about it." he says before they took their seats.

"Oh crap, I forgot a book in my locker. I'll be right back, don't worry. If the teacher is here before me, just tell her I'm just getting my textbook." y/n jumps up and runs out of class,"Hurry back!" Kisaki calls out.

Y/n was quick to recover her book from her locker, but accidentally bumps into a boy, her glasses falling off her nose,"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!" y/n quickly apologizes to the boy.

He has short black hair and black eyes. He's kinda cute to be honest,"No worries. I was also in a hurry and I didn't see you too." he says before picking y/n's glasses up for her and hands them over,"Oh, thanks, um..." y/n perches her glasses back on her nose.

"Naoto Tachibana. You must be y/n Inagawa, right? The new girl? It's nice to meet you." Naoto smiles at her,"Oh, you must be Hina's little brother! It's nice to meet you too, Naoto." y/n shakes his hand with a smile before the bell rings.

"Ah, wish I could talk with you more, but I'm gonna be late! See ya Naoto!" y/n greets him before running off,"See ya..." Naoto smiles back with blushy cheeks before he looks the other way,"She's so pretty!" he gushes like a lovestruck boy.

As school progress throughout the day, y/n suddenly got a text on her phone during lunch time,"Huh?" she opens it to see it's from Chifuyu.


Yo, Mikey gave us all your number. Just to warn you real quick.

"Damn it Mikey!" y/n whispers under breaths.

It's fine, I suppose. Did you need something Chifuyu?


Yeah actually. There's a Toman meeting tonight and I was wondering if you wanted me to pick you up?

Y/n hums in thought for a bit before typing to tell him he can pick her up along with her address.

Afterwards, class resume as normal before it came to an end,"Hey, do you have anything planned today?" she suddenly asks Kisaki,"No, not until later tonight. Why do you ask?" Kisaki asks as he stares down at her.

"I wanted to know if you're willing to do a little study session with me." y/n offers with smile,"I don't see the harm, but I can't stay long though." Kisaki shrugs as they walk to her home.

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