The End Of The Goblet Of Fire

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Elizabeth had woken up and was immediately surrounded by her friends and family other than Draco who was sitting behind a statue in the hallway waiting for them to leave for the night and he could finally see her. Each hugging her and crying even if it was just a few tears.

"You can't do that again-" George started lecturing with a rare, stern face.

"You gave us a heart attack, we are the ones supposed to do that" Fred joked as he completed George's sentence.

Elizabeth shook her head fondly but her mother didn't want to seem to cooperate with her feelings of relief and joy to be surrounded by those she loved after the ordeal.

What had she done to the Deatheaters? What was the golden light? Why did Voldemort call her a Black not a Weasley?

Harry stood off to the side silently, thanking whatever luck was on his side that Elizabeth didn't die because of Voldemort, not like his parents.

She was still in shock and she saw the scene over and over again in her mind, the pale snake like man forcing Harry to duel as she was unable to move, until she was and she took down a group of Voldemort's followers.

They all talked over each other but was stopped by Madame Pomfrey coming over and telling them to be quiet as Dumbledore trailed in behind her.

He looked at the Elizabeth solemnly as she laid in the bed with almost a blank look, contrasting her usual smile.

"Miss Weasley, I know this is very sudden but, can you tell me... how you ended up in the graveyard in the first place?" Dumbledore asked calmly looking at her intently as the others stood behind him, looking at her as well awaiting the answer.

Elizabeth opened her mouth before closing it once more. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and recounted it all back to the man and her friends and family.

After which Dumbledore informed her of the culprit, Barry Crouch Jr. Disguised as Alastair Moody in order to be a inside spy for Voldemort.

After it had all been explained it was nearly midnight and a certain blond hair boy had been checking in periodically to see when he could see her. Luckily for him the Weasleys cleared the room after the talk after being ushered out by Madame Pomfrey. He waited longer until he heard the nurse in her office before walking over to Elizabeth's bed with a silencing spell cast around them.

"Draco!" Elizabeth whispered excitedly. Reaching a hand out to him as he sat down on the chair at the side of the bed. Not even using his nickname to show the disparity. Squeezing her hand tightly he smiled slightly at her.

"You're just a trouble magnet aren't you?" He teased slightly hiding the fear he had felt when she was believed to be dead. "I think I'll leave that job up to Harry." Elizabeth retorted  and Draco rolled his eyes. He didn't know if her powers or relation bringing him to the conclusion that she was in the graveyard, in danger because of Potter.

Elizabeth smiled at him, knowing how he was about emotions and having him beside her meant a lot. She didn't care that his parents could be in the graveyard, Draco was not his parents. He was her honorary brother, the boy who she had felt a instant connection with the second he had checked on her outside the great hall on her very first day.

They two stayed up all night talking, promising to owl one another when they could as she would most likely be returning home the next day via floo instead of the train due to her parents worrying.

He had left sometime later with a kiss on the forehead and a soft demand for her to get some sleep and that he'd see her soon. With a smile she said her own goodbyes and sleepily yawned.

Tomorrow she'd need some answers, like why she had golden string of magic combined within her elemental one and why had Voldemort called her a Black.

With that she fell asleep awaiting morning for her parents, siblings, and friends to return so they could begin their summer before the next school year.

But this summer would not be like any other.


Hey guys! Sorry it's taken me so long to update. I had a huge writers block and I began another story in order to help get out of it. I've recently began to get back within the magical world of Harry Potter so I feel like I am ready to start on The Order Of The Phoenix and hopefully make sure it lives up to its glory.

Thank you for all the reads and kind comments and I hope to release the next chapter to officially start Order Of The Phoenix soon!

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