Chapter 20

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Narrators Pov


1 Day, 5 hours, 26 minutes, and approximately 52 seconds ago Liv was snapping multiple necks of her fake ass partners

But nowhere she was complaining about how they needed more persons to outgo her ongoing mission

"What do you mean, just send them down. I don't care when they get here just get them here." The brunette shouted at the woman on the other end of the screen

"Liv calm down and stop shouting, I already told you I'll see what I can do. But just bear with me I'm overworked right now" The older woman groaned

Everyone else was silent in the room as they heard the two women going at each other's throat for something so unnecessary in their eyes

Both women have been arguing about the same topic for the past hour and everyone In the meeting room was getting angry but in fear one of both women or even both of them snapping at them. They kept their mouths shut

"Whatever" Liv finally gave into Angel's answer

"Either way didn't you say you had some information for us?" Angel asked turning her full attention to the brunette

"Oh yeah about that, I kinda know who the leader of the gang we're after is, he had some spies here working for him. Probably how he had details about the finance status"

"Wait slow down, what's his name and how do you know all this?"

"He had 5 spies here, they were teamed up with me yesterday to accompany me to school. Long story short I kinda got suspended and on my way back to the base I saw a car following me, took a different route still followed me-" Liv stopped to inhale for a brief second before continuing

"That's when I got the opportunity to lose them for a second and got the upper hand to shoot their wheels, they crashed into a tree and that's when the girl told me everything." Liv finished while looking around the room at the shocked faces

"So let me get this right, you got suspended on your first day?"

"For fuck sake, is that all you got out of what I just said?" Liv groaned

Angel gave a simple shrug from the other end of the screen as she turned her attention back to the folder in front of her

"Excuse miss Karma, but what exactly is his name?" Someone interjected

"Damon Dexter"

Liv thought his name was new fund information for everyone in the room, but the silence after she said his name proved different

No sound was heard, it was just as if the whole room was under a mute spell. Lips sealed yet minds running with swarming thoughts

Overpowering actions banging on the walls of their minds, prying for a way to get out and express themselves. But shock held it back, holding them inside with its strong grip

"Isn't that the boy that you said used to bully you in school?" Angel spoke up finally breaking the tension-filled room

"Yea he is, however when I returned to school yesterday I didn't see him. I think he might have skipped towns-"

Liv's speech was cut short by a female speaking up,

"He's dead."

The young adult turned in her chair slightly to look at the woman with a confused look, "Excuse me what?"

"Damon Dexter, he's dead" another member spoke up

"He was pronounced dead last year around May, in a fatal car crash. He was in the car with his girlfriend Brooklyn Miller and her best friends, Bianca Jones, and Brittany Heller." A different man from across the room spoke

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