9|| Murder

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I woke up to the sounds of two people arguing back and forth

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I woke up to the sounds of two people arguing back and forth.

"Why didn't you beat him up?" someone questioned and it sounded awfully a lot like Violet.

Of course she would be the one to choose violence in any situation. She never had one logical answer, it was always to beat them up or shoot them.

"I was seeing about Avery first" someone answered and it sounded like Uncle Marco.

"You idiot"

"Shut up"

"Why didn't you call me?"

"If Avery wanted to call you she would have"

"I'm going to murder that man"

"Trust me I want to as well"

"Oh you're awake" Violet said opening the door. I sat up from the bed and nodded my head. Uncle Marco drove us back to our new "home" and when we arrived I hopped in bed and took a nap immediately.

I was done with what happened today and I didn't feel like dealing with anyone so I took the best option. Sleep.

"You can leave" Violet said directing it to Uncle Marco who pushed her shoulder. Their relationship has always been like that. They acted like they hated each other but they would take a bullet for one another.

"I'll see you later Av" Uncle Marco waved and I waved back at him.

'Av' only people I was close with called me that. Calling me that is privilege and once you loose that privilege I loose respect for you.

Violet found her way on my bed and then made herself comfortable. Pulling the blanket over her feet she gripped my chin in her hand and examined by cheek.

The pink in my face wasn't there anymore because I had taken foundation and covered it up.

If dad had seen it Ryan would be six feet under. I couldn't leave him. Putting another persons death on my hands was not my plan in life.

I wasn't sure if he would actually kill himself if I left him but the threat he made sounded very serious and I was afraid of the outcome of my actions if I did leave him.

"I'll murder him I swear to God Av" she said and I knew she was dead serious. Whenever Violet made a threat I knew she wasn't joking. She wouldn't murder him I hope but she would definitely inflict pain on his dick I know that for sure.

"I will too" I sighed and layed back down on the bed. It was amusing to me that he would bring me flowers and then hit me. Some men really disgust me sometimes.

"You know what would help?" she questioned.


"If we had a little fun" she raised her eyebrows and I knew what she was insinuating.

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