Twenty Seven

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"So, you might of been right." I say to Gwen, as she does my makeup.

"I'm always right." She says applying the red lipstick to my lips. "But about what this time?"

I tell her about what happened with Lily in Will's room. I personally think Lily was acting off. Gwen just rolls her eyes and tells me she told me so.

"You look so good." I say to Gwen once she puts on her dress. She picked an emerald green gown, one that complements her eyes and hair well.

"Me? You're not fair Arden. I tell you not to outshine me and look what you do." I had just finished putting my dress on, and hadn't looked at myself yet.

   I walk over to my mirror to get a look. "This is all thanks to you." I say smiling once I see myself. I stare at my tight black gown. The gown was long and silk. Hugging my curves, but giving me room to walk with the slit down my leg. The red lipstick, bringing it all together. I looked beautiful.

   "We will be the fairest at the ball." She jokes nudging my side. "I wouldn't be surprised if both of us left with husbands. William, preferably being yours."

   I laugh at that, "I thought you wanted him."

   "I would never compete for a boy, even one as handsome as Will. And I would still probably lose to you."

  "Will and I are just friends."

   She rolls her eyes with a smirk. "For now."


   Gwen and I are the last two to be taken. Poor Ben is probably exhausted, he's been taking thirty minute increments of rest between trips. Gwen volunteered us to be last, saying we have to be fashionably late.

   I didn't know that her fashionably late meant an hour, meaning everyone has already arrived to the party.

   We had just been dropped off outside, no one else but guards to be seen.

   We walk through a set a doors, down a hallway. There are two guards standing by. "Lady Guinevere." One nods greeting her.

   "Hello boys." She smiles, "Do we get to be announced?" She asks them.

   One of them gives her a smile, "We are normally supposed to stop once the royal family arrives. But we can always make an exception for you."

   "Yay." She smiles brightly, before turning to me. "How do you want to be announced?"

   "Umm, the same as you?" Actually, my real answer is not at all. But knowing Gwen, she would of told them to announce me in the most ridiculous way.

   Gwen smiles and whispers something in the guard's ear. His eyes widen a little in shock, then nods. Both men open the doors. Gwen picks up her dress a little, and I do the same. Do not fall.

   I'm amazed of what I'm seeing. I could of never imagined for it to be like this. Everything is beautiful.

   The music quiets, and everyone turns their direction towards us.

   This is not embarrassing...

   The man clears his throat before speaking. "The beautiful Lady Guinevere, daughter of General Thomas." Oh god, please tell me they don't announce who my father is. "And the equally beautiful and charming Lady Arden. Daughter of the Pierce family."

   I ray of mummers start to irrupt. I'm happy he didn't say my father's name, but I'm guessing some people are still connecting the dots.

   Gwen nods at me, and we both start to walk down the stairs. Note to self, never show up with Gwen.

   Halfway down the stairs, I see Will smirking and heading in our direction. Once we are close enough, he reaches both of his hands out for us to grab.

   "Gwen," he smirks at her. "Always making an entrance."

   "I wouldn't be me if I didn't." She smirks back. "Now, be a gentleman and complement us."

He rolls his eyes, and does a once over Gwen. "Do I even need to tell you, you look beautiful for you to know?"

"No, but it's nice to hear." She smiles. He laughs, then looks at me. His eyes rack over my body, not giving away anything about how he feels. "Isn't she quite the seductress?"

"She sure is something." He says, still looking me over.

"Something meaning?" This time I speak up.

He looks up and smiles. "Beautiful."

   I don't know how to reply to a complement. So doing what I do best, I use sarcasm. "Liar." I joked.

"I might be a liar, but I'm not lying right now." Will says smirking.

"Whose lying about what?" Levi says walking up. Joined by him, were Carter and Lily.

"Nothing." Gwen says.

"So we keep secrets now?" Levi smirks at her.

"Only inappropriate ones." She teases.

"Oh please do share." He teases back. Before she could reply, the bell for the first dance rings. Signaling everyone to grab a partner.

"Only if you take me to dance." There's something about Gwen, that just draws you in. And Levi, is certainly under her spell.

"It would be my honor." Levi smirks grabbing her reached out hand.

"Wanna dance?" I ask turning to Will. I can see hesitation in his eyes. I guess it would be a little weird if I was the one he picked to dance first with.

"Sorry Arden, he promised me the first dance earlier." Lily gives me a little smile. I nod understanding.

"I'd love to dance with you." Carter says to me with a shy smile.

   Carter, love the guy.

   I smile gratefully and take his hand. I don't miss the unhappy look Gwen shoots at me. Probably not liking the fact that Lily is dancing with Will.

I ignore her and turn to my dance parter. And then the dancing begin.

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