Chapter- 25

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Braelyn's POV

"Brae?" Bri curiously looked at me after opening the door. I walked past her into the house.

"Were you really with Evan last night?" She trailed behind me.

"Yes. I am so sorry for leaving you alone last night." I plopped down on the sofa.

"No worries. Ryan brought me home last night. But tell me something, did anything happen between you two?" She was trying to choose her words wisely.

"Yes. I woke up naked next to him and it's all my fault. What was the need for me to drink stupidly like that? It's because of me that we landed up in his bedroom."  I wanted to hit something so hard.

"Brae, it's okay-" I cut her off.

"No it's not! It's not okay to hurt him like that repeatedly. I put myself in a position where I am forced to behave so cruelly to him to get myself out of the situation!" I yelled, the frustration never leaving my system.

"What happened?" She calmly asked. She is the only person who can understand when my emotions are all over the place and deal with me patiently.

"My stupid drunk ass instilled some hope in him. Today morning he was speaking of starting afresh and having a happy life together. He was dreaming of something that can never come true." I massaged my temple, his words fresh in my mind.

"Why don't you try telling him everything, Brae? Maybe he will believe you. Both of you are hurting so why not finish it?" I was shaking my head even before she could complete.

"I can't." I stated as a matter of fact.

"What do you mean you can't? Of course you can. It isn't like he is not even remotely interested in your explanations. When he is pleading with you multiple times to come clean to him then what can possibly be the problem?" Though her voice was controlled, the frustration was evident in her tone.

"Kate. She is the problem." And I wanted to strangle that problem to death with my own hands.

"Where did she come from?" She looked at me in horror.

"She came back. In fact she was never gone. She had always been with Evan, making him believe in their false companionship, pretending to be his well wisher. She has his complete trust. I am the one who wasn't there at all."

"But who is he still after? Who is he chasing? You, Brae, you. Only you're there in his heart and only you can complete him." My heart constricted painfully at her words.

"I can't, Bri I can't!" I yelled this time , tears flowing out of my eyes freely.


"Let her do anything Brae. I don't care. You go and tell Evan everything." I raised my head from my hands to look at her like she was mad.

"You aren't getting it, are you? She threatened to destroy your life if I told Evan anything. Given her reputation, I believe that she can do anything." I spoke every word clearly and loud to make her understand.

"I understand, I understand quite well and still I am telling you to confess everything to Evan and be happy with him." She looked at me with a lot of seriousness. Was she seriously considering this? I would never do something like that when it involves my sister.

"Don't be silly , Bri. I can't throw you away in flames to complete my fairy tale!" I let out tired.

"But-" I cut her off

"No buts Bri. Whatever I said is final." She sighed deeply before sitting down beside me.

"What did you tell him today?" This time her voice was a lot softer. I fidgeted, knowing fully well that I wouldn't be able to check my tears if I recall how cruel I had been to him.

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