CHAPTER 43 - Of a Dragon Ride

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Author's note (1): Seems like many hearts broke in the last chapter...guess it's time for some damage control. 
Also, I present to you the apple of my eye - RALPH. 


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"Where's Doran?" Serena asked as I came to sit around the bonfire again.

I gulped and put on a wide smile, shaking away our disastrous conversation, "He said he's checking around to see if we're really alone. He also said that he doesn't trust Una to do a thorough job on her own," I added, "and he also asked you to tie this up." I waved my cleaned-up palm at her.

"Oh, of course," Serena said, her eyes softening. She had witnessed the blood ritual in the dungeon and I suddenly wished she hadn't.

"Does it hurt?" Ralph asked, peering at my palm.

My gaze met Serena's and I pursed my lips. "Little, yes," I said. Lied.

He watched in silence as Serena tied one lacy grey colored handkerchief around my wound and I winced as she tightened the knot.

"I never thanked you, you know, for saving my life," Serena said and offered me a smile.

"Neither did I," Ralph said and I looked from one to another.

A thought suddenly whooshed in my head - Did they owe me the Debt of Life too?

Serena let out a breath and tucked her hair behind her ears, "Better not leave Una and Doran alone, who knows they might already be dueling again. I had to stop their full-blown fight right before we were coming here. But I was on Una's side. Doran needed to be stopped." she said and rose up, dusting her hands off casually.

Stopped from what?

"Wait, what?" I called out, "Serena...stopped him from what?" But she ran off. This was her idea of being a tease.

I rested my back on the huge boulder and looked at my palm.

"Is there anything more that I should know? Other than all these friends and villains you know." Ralph asked, his scarlet eyes shimmering with the reflection of the fire.

I scratched my head, "I have a sister, Amelia, um, my mother adopted her." Her face was the first that popped up in my head.

"How old is she? old are you?" He asked and swore at the ground. "I can't believe I didn't ask this before."

I couldn't help but smile, "She is sixteen and I'm nineteen."


I asked, emboldened, "Your turn. Tell me something about you, that many people don't know!"

"Hmmm... "He scratched his chin, "Well, I am a Mind Healer. Dabbled with the sorcery a bit. It's interesting to me, how the human brain works and all that."

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