Kabanata 6

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Kabanata 6

"The only Albrecht who forged her academic records in order to be on top? Oh! What should I expect from an adopted child like her?"

"I know right? She's the only bobo in their family. No wonder why she's brainless. Hindi naman kasi talaga siya totoong--- oh my gosh?!"

I rubbed my temples before I began to slam those papers on her desk containing Katherine's parts in our research that she just submitted yesterday.

Actually I don't really mind if they want them to gossip regarding to my current issues that I've been facing lately.

The thing is, ayaw na ayaw ko lang na pinaparinig sa akin. My attention is expensive to be wasted by these people who merely gossip about others' lives without knowing the whole story.

I just couldn't stand the fact that they even had a time to spare to badmouth me rather of prioritizing their responsibilities.

"Oh, really, Sanchez?" I sarcastically eyed her as my right eyebrow shot up.

"Should I remove you from our group then? Since pagpapaganda sa tiktok and pagiging dumbbell lang naman ang alam mong gawin."

Her mouth dropped open as she examined the page with the red marks that I had just encircled to highlight her errors.

"W-What? But I already did my part," she asked nervously. I grinned.

"A-And what are you talking about?" She cleared her throat.

"I told you. May sakit ako last time kaya hindi ko nagawa yung pinapagawa mo. Pati ba naman do'n may hinanakit ka pa rin?"

I exhaled after hearing how her voice shaken, parang iiyak na.

Pairap akong sumagot. "I already gave you a multiple reconsiderations. It's just a research design! But what did you lend me? Bond paper na may background na butterflies and leaves?"

"I already told you to change this because this is wrong. Pero anong pinalit mo? A Tinkerbell design? Really?" I added, allowing her to remember what she submitted for the past few months.

Some of our classmates burst into laughter when they heard what I said since they already knew what Katherine did was intended to aggravate me.

I'm aware that I may be somewhat strict when it comes to my group members' compliance.

But it's not really easy to handle a group lalo na kung mga napunta pa sayo ay mga walang pakealam sa acads nila o chill lang dahil kampanteng may bubuhat sa kanila.

Suminghap ang katabi niyang si Jasmin na dahilan para mapalingon ako do'n.

"Leader ka ba talaga? Bakit wala kang consideration? At porket leader ka ikaw lagi ang masusunod. Hindi mo naman hawak yung oras ng mga members mo para umasta ka ng ganyan. Such a low class!"

"Ang sama talaga ng ugali nyan kahit kailan. No wonder..."

"I know right? She's just bitter because everyone found out that she's not really intelligent. Illegitimate child ba naman..."

My jaw clenched. "Anong sabi mo?"

The audacity of these people to tell me that I'm a low class here? If I am not mistaken, they're the one who's talking behind someone's back. Why don't they just mind their own businesses and get a life?

"Oh bakit? Totoo naman di'ba?"

Didn't she even know how her best friend pretended that she was sick but I found out that she's been lying all along as someone have seen her partying at the bar all night despite she's only seventeen?

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