#7 Revive

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Tension is high in the air as the small group came face to face with Moebius, who came in a larger number,"Get up Pah! Come on man!" Peh urges his friend as Pah grunts from the pain,"Don't push him! With a hit like that, he'd be in a bit of a daze." y/n tells him as she keeps her eyes on Moebius.

"We came all this way just to see you! You and your bratty kids, Mikey babe." Osanai smirks as he disregards his cig. Mikey says nothing but stood up and moves forward before he stood in front of Osanai. Takemichi stood to the side of the two.

Draken and y/n stood a bit behind Mikey, y/n's bat slung over her shoulders,"Well hello there, sweet thing." Osanai's eyes suddenly narrows in on y/n as the other Moebius members surrounds them.

Y/n clicks her tongue with disgust,"Piss off, a-hole. I've got nothing to say to a piss head like you." she spat,"Now, now. Don't be like that. Maybe you and I can have a bit of fun." Osanai suggests and y/n gives him a malicious smirk, that even made him flinch in surprise,"I'd like to see you try, Piss Head. Come any closer to me, and I'll bash your head in." and to make her point clear, she taps her bat in her palm a few times.

"You have to bring all these guys to fight some middle school kids? The great Osanai is just another piece of shit. As expected." Mikey mocks,"Ah? Couldn't quite hear ya there, you tiny flea." Osanai mocks back.

Suddenly his attention turns to Takemichi,"Hey, who the hell do you think you're eyeballing, you scrawny little loser?" he questions, intimidating Takemichi,"Uh, I..." Takemichi trails off.

Osanai then punches Takemichi in the face,"You just looked at me like you were superior to me, didn't you?" he then continues to deliver punches to Takemichi,"Those! Eyes! Are the kind I hate the most!!" he yells as he goes to deliver the final hit, but Pah grabs his fist.

"Yeah, you're gonna to have deal with me first, you horse's ass." Pah says as Takemichi stumbles back,"Don't do it Pah... Don't fight Moebius..." he says as he tries to stop Pah, but said man just pushes him away and to the ground.

Y/n was quick to stand by Takemichi's side as she held his shoulder,"Stay out of this punk. You too, Inagawa." Pah says as Peh approaches the two middle schoolers,"Have a little more faith in him, Hanagaki. Pah's one of the best pure fighters we've got in Toman. He doesn't care who he's up against, he'll go at them fists ablaze and take down a whole crew on his own! He'd never lose to a clown like Osanai." Peh says with confidence.

"That isn't the real issue, not right now." Takemichi spoke up as he looks at Draken,"I have to stop him!" he adds as he tries to stand up, but he fails,"Takemichy... Just sit back and watch. This is Pah's fight alone." Mikey says.

Pah goes in for the punch, but Osanai was quick to hit him first as he bounces from one foot to the other. He delivers lighting quick punches to Pah's face,"What's wrong?" he mocks,"What a dumbass. I guess you think you're a boxer or something." Pah mocks his stance as he spits out blood, but Osanai shuts him up with another hard punch.

"Oh shit! That was a killer blow!" Peh curses as blood spews from Pah's nose,"You call that a punch? You couldn't even squash an ant like that." Pah says with a grin,"Holy crap! Is he even still in the right state of mind!? Is he even still conscious!?" y/n asks with wide eyes as she places one hand on top of her head.

"No way... He's a monster, Osanai! Pah I'm coming!" Peh says as he rushes into battle, but Mikey stops him in his tracks,"Peh! Didn't I tell you all to sit back and watch?" he says.

"Yeah, sorry." Peh says as he backs down,"Just sit back and watch? That's way too cruel Mikey! Look at his nose! It's broken to bits and he's barely even conscious! Pah is done for Mikey." Takemichi says with worry,"He's right! At the rate Osanai is throwing those punches, Pah is going to die." y/n adds.

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