✿Chapter 34: That Short Lady✿

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"Alright! (Y/N), we're going on a little trip!" Rapunzel exclaimed, running into your room and ruining the silence.

You let out a huff, "Do I have a choice?" At the moment, you had quite a bit too much adventure recently. All you wanted to do was sit down and read a good book, or hang out with Varian.

"Nope!" Rapunzel said, grabbing your hand and pulling you out the door.


"I chemically treated these thrusters so the flames will burn hotter and longer than any natural flame." You heard Varian say from ahead. It had been about a week since you had seen him, with the whole birthday fiasco thing, "You're gonna fly, like the wind." As you stood behind him you noticed Eugene peeking through the boy's tool bag.

"Ah- Eugene, don't touch that." You said, you knew Varian hated when people touched his tool bag. Varian took a small glance up at you.

"Are you going with them?" He asked softly.

You nodded, "I'm not exactly sure where, but yeah... I'm going with them." You noticed a concerned look on the boy's face before he shook it off.

"Stay safe..." He said nervously, but a small clinking noise made Varian turn back around.

"Don't touch that either!" He said, he glanced up at Eugene who was now reaching down towards the thrusters, "Oh my- don't touch that! It's gonna blow!" Varian exclaimed, causing Eugene to fall back into the basket.

You doubled over with laughter, already sensing Varian's joke.

"Haha! Gotcha! Just messing with you." Varian said as Eugene stood up.

The man looked down at Pascal who was laughing, "I knew that." He said. Clearly, he did not know that. You and Pascal laughed some more, causing Eugene to look up, embarrassed, "And you two are on my list, frog, (Y/N)."

"Guys focus," Rapunzel said, catching everyone's attention, "Look at this. It took us weeks to get to the Spire on foot." You and Varian leaned onto the basket to see the map, "But thanks to Varian's speed ballon and this direct route, we'll make it in a day."

Eugene rubbed the boy's hair, "Good job buddy!" He then got out of the basket, going who knows where.

Varian stepped closer and glanced at the map, "Oh, wait... this takes you over, Kresten Loch..." Rapunzel sent him an unknowing look, "Uh, Kresten Loch? The Frozen Sea? Miles and miles of deadly wintry expanse?"

Rapunzel nodded, "That's the one!"

"Well, if it were anybody other than you, I'd be worried. Oh, wait. It is! You're bringing (Y/N) over the freaking ice sea? Are you sure about this?" Varian asked, quite panicked, "Her arm isn't even completely healed yet!"

You reached over and grabbed the boy's shoulders, "Varian, I'll be fine!" You said softly, "I'll have Rapunzel and Eugene there with me. I'll come back safe and uninjured. Okay?"

The boy nodded before quickly wrapping his arms around you, "Please, stay safe." As soon as he let go he slipped, falling to the ground finding himself in a puddle of paint, "Who glued my boots to the ground?" The boy pulled his feet out of the boots.

Eugene walked up, "That's for your little balloon prank earlier." You glanced over and saw Eugene standing with a bucket of glue and a paintbrush, "Eugene Fitzherbert never forgets." You giggled, quickly covering your mouth, the man went to let go of the brush but it was stuck to his hand. He tried shaking it off causing you to laugh more.

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