#8 Recharge

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[Okay, so at the beginning of the episode there was a glitch and it skipped some parts of Takemichi's lines. So I had to put in what I could make out, but luckily it was only one line.]

"Damn it you two assholes. Quite acting like you're a couple of dumb punks." Takemichi huffs with anger, his eyes livid,"Just look what you bastards have done to my precious memories." he adds as y/n stood there stunned at his words,[Is he trying to get himself killed!?] she thought.

"You've guys wrecked everything I've ever loved for my entire childhood!" Takemichi growls, shaking with pure anger,"Wha?" Mikey hums as he looks down at the mess,"What're you talking about?" Draken asks,"He's joking... Right?" y/n deadpans at Draken.

"You freaking kidding me!? That's all my stuffs you just broke!" Takemichi yells as he tries to land a hit on Mikey, who dodges his weak punches effortlessly, before landing in a garbage pile,"Gross!" y/n's nose crinkles with disgust.

"You okay in there Takemichy?" Mikey asks,"Oh no, he's fine. He actually enjoys the smell of trash actually." y/n says sarcastically,"Really?" Mikey blinks at her in mild surprise,"I was being sarcastic Mikey!!" y/n glares at him with sharp teeth.

Just then, Takemichi pops out of the trash pile with a yell,"Neither one of ya gives a rat's ass about me, do ya!?" he stomps over to them,"Hey, just calm down dude." Draken says,"You're telling me to calm down!? You're the ones who just went crazy smashing all of my stuff!" Takemichi grips his jacket.

"Hey! Whoa chill out Takemichi!" Akkun and the others bursts through the front door as he rips Takemichi off of Draken,"You have some sort of death wish dude!?" he adds,"Let me go Akkun! Let me at 'em! You don't give a shit what happens to those around you, do ya!? You didn't even notice y/n crouching down in the middle of all of that!" Takemichi yells as Mikey looks at y/n, who just whistles to the side.

"Hey, we're sorry man. We didn't mean to disrespect you two or anything like that." Draken says as Mikey pats y/n's hair, confusing her,"You don't even know I exist, do you!?" Takemichi spat,"Takemichi stop." Akkun growls before Takemichi finally calms down a bit.

"You just don't care and that's why the two of you fight." Takemichi then falls to the ground,"Takemichi." Akkun gasps with concern as he releases him as Takemichi begins sniffling,"You don't realize, neither of you realizes, how much trouble the two of you cause for the people around you when you fight! Don't you get it? Don't you realize that all the people who follow and look up to you end up fighting too!? So this isn't just your problem alone and now if you're gonna go and split Toman apart, well then that's just too much for me to take! I don't want it to happen and I can't stand to watch it either." he sobs into his arm.

"Takemichi..." y/n whispers with concern,"You guys are just so cool and..." Takemichi continues to sob,"Takemichi." Mikey suddenly spoke up,"Whatever, just go away!" Takemichi says.

"We'll go, but you should know that through all of this... You had dog turd in your hair." Mikey reveals and Takemichi looks up before panicking as he throws the turd out of his hair,"Oh, that's hella nasty!" y/n backs away from him,"That's totally gross Takemichy!" Draken laughs,"Why didn't one of you guys tell me sooner?" Takemichi asks.

"How could we? You were being so damn serious." Mikey laughs as well,"Well duh, I was being serious because of the fight between you guys." Takemichi says as he stood up,"The shit's coming after us. We better run Kenny." Mikey snickers before he and Draken ran past Takemichi,"Yeah, and it reeks!" Draken adds as Mikey scoops up y/n into his arms,"Hahahahaha! Mikey!" she squeals with laughter as she's carried away.

"That was so gross! I can't believe that actually happened!" y/n laughs as tears bubbles in the corner of her eyes,"Did you see the look in his face? Priceless!" Mikey laughs as well as he clutches his stomach,"Yeah, it really was!" Draken laughs before they slowed to a stop and Mikey puts y/n down.

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