Chapter 21

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Narrators Pov


The petty thing we do is look for a fault where we should focus on the merits

People don't change. And they certainly don't do it because of others. Outside we can be anybody, inside belongs only to us

Liv never wants to induce any change on anyone. Not force it

If one wants to change for her but wants it internally, then it is an entirely different matter. One that she can accept

So as she finally shuffled into the house living her sister outside looking like a lost puppy, she made sure to keep that in mind

The house was much different since the last time she had been there

The interior was dunk, dark and chilly. 

The air tasted sweet and minty. As if they threw mint everywhere in the house to give it its minty smell and taste

Pictures hang on the walls of different inspirational words and then came the pictures of their parents at different events with different awards. But never was their one family picture

No surprise to Liv

"Liv I'm so happy to see you" 

A pair of arms latched around Liv's body enveloping her into a tight bone-crushing hug

"I missed you so much" Chloe breathed out

"Yea yea I missed you too, but I'm not here for sappy hour" Liv rolled her eyes  while breaking off the hug and walking in the direction of the couch

"no you don't understand, I am so sorry for how I treated you back then. And now I finally believe what you said about dad" tears started to form in the older girls bloodshot eyes as she uttered those words

Liv let out a shallow breath as she glanced over to Ace, motioning with her head for him to leave them for a bit. As soon as she saw that Ace had walked off into the direction of the frames hallway she turned back around to look at Chloe

"What do you mean now you believe me? I mean don't get me wrong it's a good thing you finally believe me but I know you, you don't believe things unless you have solid proof, so what happened?"

After hearing those words the older woman started to let the tears she tried so hard to hold onto fall down her plump cheeks. Liv moved to her side engulfing her into a warm hug as she shook violently

The hot salt tears streaming down the brunettes face started to soak up into Liv's shirt whilst they hugged, rocking back and forth

"Why are you even h-hugging me" Chloe whimpered, pausing to wipe her nose with her sleeve. "All I ever did was hurt you, and here you are consoling me"

"Two wrongs don't make a right, plus I need you to calm down so I can ask you something serious"

Liv's chest vibrated at the sound of Chloe's soft laughter

Jerk, Chloe muttered under her breath before detaching herself from Liv

"Now are you ready to tell me what dad did, so we can move on?"


Both sisters made their way over to the couch sitting side and side whilst Liv looked at Chloe intently

"About a month after you left, he..h-he did the same thing to me" Chloe paused looking up at Liv to see her reaction. "He was blaming me and Jason for you leaving and would always argue"

"He soon after colled down from the whole situation, well that's until our biggest investors broke their ties with him. So he told me that he thought it was the perfect time for me to take up the business"

"I was excited to run the business" Chloe chuckled "Well that's until I found out the business he wanted me to do"

Liv took a deep breath still staring at her sister intently. "And what business was that?" she croaked out

"He made me bribe his investors with sex so they would invest even more in the company"

Can we kill the dad too?

By now the blonde was crying once again, this time she cried a whole river. The salty release graced her swollen check with its rapid flow, dripping down her cleavage as they skid further down leveling its wet substance trail behind

After a few minutes of Chloe crying and Liv softly rocking her and whispering comforting words into her ear, she finally gave in and calmed down

"I promise you this, I'm gonna kill that bastard and make him pay for what he did to us"

"Smiling softly Chloe muttered, "So why are you here again?"

"I want some information on a case that happened for some time now, the Oceans Wine case ring a bell?"

"Yes, the crash that happened a few years back with Damon and the B's, why?"

"I just wanted to know, they're saying he died. Is it true?" 

"Na, his parents told the police that they got into a fight before he barged out of the house and said he wasn't coming back" Chloe chuckled

"I don't understand, how does that show that he's not dead?"

"The car wasn't found, Brittany's body was found on the bridge railing, Bianca was found sitting upwards on the railing knocked out, and as for Damon and Brooklyn, their bodies weren't found"

"So you're implying that Damon and Brittany placed them on the railing, took the car, and left" Liv looked at Chloe in confusion


"But how would he take the car if they actually found it in the water 3 months after the whole thing happened?"

"They did?" Chloe questioned confused

Liv nodded her a 'yes' head to Chloes question

Chloe sat up from the sofa and walked away in the direction of the kitchen before coming back with a computer in hand. She sat back on the sofa once again but this time typing up something on the computer

Bingo, she muttered as she tapped on something

"Is this the car you said they found?" she questioned sliding over to Liv's side so she could see the picture

"Yeah that's the one" Liv nodded her head

"That's not the car they drove" 

"how do you know that?"

"They wanted me to tag along with them so they drove here to pick me up, but because mom was home I declined. And I'm completely sure he didn't drive that car"

"That could be the other driver's car"Liv shrugged

"No, the other driver had a truck, here"

Chloe showed Liv a picture of a damaged truck

Liv tilted her head looking at the picture of the truck then let her eyes wander to the bridge. She quickly snatched the laptop from her site's hand before rapidly typing up something

"I think we found our guy"

Liv turned the laptop to show Chloe the headline





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