10|| Trouble

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"Violet you're hurting me" I winced

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"Violet you're hurting me" I winced. The grip she had on my wrist really hurt and she still didn't let go even after she heard me his one to many times.

Walking out the door I gave the guard a smile and he didn't return it. Instead he just glared at me with his gun in his hand.

Rude might I say, and I thought he was hot.

Violet let go of my hand and sighed opening the passenger side door and sitting down. I did the same opening the drivers side door and sitting down.

"What?" I questioned. The silence was killing me and I didn't know how much of it I could take.

"Amanda got in trouble" she said and now I understood why she was so pissed.

Amanda is her younger sister. Also a pain in everyone's ass. Violet dislikes her because of her attitude. They never really got along so whenever Amanda would get in trouble Violet would be pissed.

Violet was forced to raise her since her aunt, her legal guardian is nurse and works all the time.

"Take you home?" I questioned and she nodded her head.

"Hey" I said quietly lacing my hand in hers. I gently rubbed circles on her hand silently telling her that it's going to be okay.

"She'll come around" I reassured her and she smiled. Letting go of her hand I drove out the dirt road and then took the road that led to her home.

Pulling in front her house she got out and went up to the doorstep turning around she waved at me and I waved back. I waited until she was inside and once she was I drove off.

Driving past the street that led to my home my fingers gripped the steering wheel tightly.

Biting the inside of my lip I turned the car around and drove in the street. I slowed the car not driving to fast.

I got in trouble numerous times for speeding in here. An old woman- Lisa called the cops on me.

I didn't hate her for it but it did get me tickets on several occasions.

Pulling in front the house I got out my car and slammed the door shut. Tucking my phone in my pocket I took a deep breath walking up to the front door.

Pulling out the house key, I twisted the nob and waited until I heard a click. Pushing the door open I walked in and saw some of the furniture covered with plastic.

It's only been a couple days since we left but it felt like months. Slipping off my shoes I walked into the kitchen.

Opening the top drawer I looked at all the sticky notes left in it. All were there and I rather it stay here than get lost while with me.

Smiling I picked one up and held it.

"Went out to the grocery to look for chocolate chip cookies:)"

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