Chapter 1 - The Brightest Star

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They had been looking for her for very long now.

But now they had found her.

The brightest star on the map.

The most powerful witch in the world.

The queen smiled icily. At last, this bright star was in her hands. Oh, she had been searching for so long.

"Your Majesty?" 

The queen turned around turned around, frowning. Why couldn't anyone let her relish in her triumph? 

On the ground before her was a goblin.

The queen sighed. These squat, dirty green goblins were constantly pestering her. She squinted at the one before her. What was his name? There were really too many goblins working in her palace, so she didn't bother remembering.

"What is it?" the queen barked at it, thumping her twisted black scepter against the hard marble floor.

"Your... your... Majesty..." the goblin trembled. "A guest has arrived."

At that moment, a tall woman with raven black hair entered the room. She surveyed the room for a moment, before her striking violet eyes landed on the queen.

"Queen Arachna," the witch greeted, lifting a hand to her forehead. 

"Narani," Queen Arachna greeted in return, tilting her chin upwards. 

Narani smiled, "I hear you've found the girl."

Queen Arachna was about to say something when she remembered her sister's raven. That snooping no-good bird! Constantly spying on me, the queen thought to herself. She squeezed her scepter a little harder as she made a promise to murder it someday.

So instead, Queen Arachna bowed her head and gestured her sister to the gigantic map on the table.

The Map of Magic.

"Oh, so you have been using my little birthday present," Narani chuckled. "I remember how uninterested you were when I first -"

The queen squeezed her scepter and the diamond on the end flashed purple. Her sister fell silent. The goblin servant whimpered somewhere behind her.

Just to remind them of my power, she thought to herself, blood red lips smiling slightly.

Queen Arachna was about to laugh in their faces, when she noticed something.

The star was gone.

"No," she breathed.

"What is it?" Narani asked, brows creased with worry.

"NO!!" Queen Arachna shouted, slamming her fist on the table. Narani jumped back and the goblin hurried forward. "SHE'S GONE!!" Bursts of black and purple magic swirled out from the edges of the diamond on her scepter.

Narani put a hand on her shoulder. "Layla, stop - we can find her if we -"

Queen Arachna was too furious to even yell at her sister for using that name, she turned towards her sister, scepter raised.

"Your Majesty," the goblin earlier came towards her from behind. "Ple... please... don't -"


Purple blasts exploded out of the queen's scepter. Glass shattered. Narani screamed. The goblin screamed. The queen screamed. More explosions. More blasts of purple. 

When the screaming and exploding settled, the room was filled with purple mist.

And in the mist were two violet glowing eyes.

"I will find you," the queen rasped, fists clenched. 

"I will find you, Alana Winters."

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