Chapter 22

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Narrators Pov


Making my way downtown. Walking fast, I'm a seagull

Go fuck yourself


An iconic meme, but in this situation let's just refer to it as Liv's current doing


Because she's making her way downtown you dumb fuck

The grey pylons blink with blood-red lights. The towers of lights, the skyscrapers are piling in the distance. The whole world seems to consist of the shimmering spots that are shining rectangles of artificial light

And only the sky remains silent. Only there the darkness is laid out like a thick blanket of ink spilled on the surface of a smooth desk

Then came the moon. Lighting up the ink-black sky with its tremendous light that seeped down on the city, indulging it in brightness

The new moon is an astral shape full of promise. It is a first step, a phase that will pass in a blink of an eye. Before you learn to appreciate it, before you get to know it, it is long gone

Dark plateau of the sky dotted by the equally dark orb and shining lights...

What can be more beautiful than this view?

A peek into oblivion, a crease in a perfect inky fabric of the sky

The brunette halted the car to a stop as soon as she was before a small convenience store. She briskly opened the car door a started to make her way in the direction of the store's entrance

As soon as she entered the store, a whiff of chocolate caught her senses. Sending her in a whirling daze. The small bell over the door rang silently acknowledging her entrance into the store

Liv walked around the store as soon as she entered, taking up unnecessary sweets in each aisle. Finally, she was done with her sugar rush moment and started walking over to the cashier

The woman behind the register looked at Liv with a hint of disgust before checking the goods on the table, "that will be 26 dollars"

Liv raised a brow at the woman's bitchy tone before digging into her purse and sliding the money to the woman

"Have a nice day, and do come again"

The brunette rolled her eyes at the woman before walking out of the store with her sweets bag in hand. She threw the bag of sweets into the car before backing out of the park and starting her way back to the base


Liv had just parked outside of the base and was about to go in, but something caught her eye. Or well you could say, someone


The young adult took brisky steps to eavesdrop on the somewhat heated conversation Ace was having on the phone

Liv was always a curious child. She was full of energy and her imagination run wild with crazy ideas. She was everywhere and everywhere she found something interesting to do. But yet she never knew that curiosity killed the cat or even the reason behind this "silly" saying

She always thought it was a myth. A false saying to keep people from finding out the truth. The truth that bestowed the key to reality, dark reality. All lies could be revealed and all that bounded in the darkness shall be lit for the whole world to see

"I don't care what you have to do, I want her gone. She's ruining everything. And make it quick" Ace barked at the person on the other side of the phone

Tf is u, a chihuahua?

"Good, I want her gone by tomorrow, I don't care how you do it" with that said Ace hung up the phone with a sigh

"What was that about, sound pretty heated?" Liv broke the silence

At the sound of Liv's voice, Ace spun around with such force that he could fall face-first onto the ground, but luckily he didn't

"My ex is at my apartment and she won't leave" He inquired running his hands through his jet black locks with a shallow sigh

The mention of his ex made Liv somewhat angry, for what reason she didn't know. It was as if she was Jealous?

No, she couldn't be. But why did she feel this way

All these feelings were new to her, and it was scaring the shit out of her. But why did being around Ace, her "enemy" feel right?

Find out this and more in book 2

Na I'm just joking💀


A voice and stronghold on the brunette's arms shook her out of the trance she was lost in, shes probably going to be the next Alice in wonderland with all this zoning out she keeps doing

"Don't call me that you fucktard" She groaned while losing Ace's grip on her

"Atleast it got you out of that little wonderland you were stuck in Alice" he snickered

"Oi, fuck off"

"only if you watch darling"

Liv scrunched up her face before turning around and walking away from a laughing Ace


Yes ik I haven't uploaded over a month😭

I've lost motivation and I have authors block.

But I'll try my best to upload more. Love y'all


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