Chapter 3 - Balls and Magic

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While the rest of the class groaned when they'd heard they would be playing volleyball that PE lesson, Alana was giddy with excitement. 

Finally something she could do. They'd spent THE. WHOLE. DAY. Doing boring stuff like algebra and spelling tests. But now finally they could escape their classroom. 

And Alana could finally escape the tingling urge in her fingers.

In the classroom, there were simply too many things - dusters, tables, kids all cramped in one room - and it was nearly impossible for Alana to control her secret powers there. One wrong move, and all the tables could disappear. One wrong move, and the teacher could become a frog.

In fact, Alana didn't even know if that was considered a power. 

More like a curse, she thought bitterly.

"Miss Winters!"

Alana broke out of her thoughts to see their PE teacher, Mrs. Riley, staring her down with narrowed eyes behind her thick glasses - along with the rest of the class.

Alana flushed and hurried to where the rest of her classmates were, standing right at the back.

"Today we will be doing volleyball," Mrs. Riley continued. "And we will be in teams of six."

"Captains can choose their players, and I will be choosing the captains," she gave Alana a look that looked almost pitying.

Alana felt like shriveling up as their teacher began calling out the captain's names - four captains, and none of them was her. Mrs. Riley always chose her as captain. She pursed her lips, scolding herself for giving her favorite teacher reason to dislike her. 

Thank goodness, her best friend, Isla Banks was chosen as a captain, and immediately chose Alana to join her team.

"What was that?" Isla whispered to Alana as she came to stand next to her.

"What was what?" Alana asked, confused.

"You never zone out like that, especially in PE."

"Oh," Alana said, looking down at her sneakers. "I guess I was just distracted."

Isla smiled at Alana as she tied up her blonde hair. "Yeah, right."

"Miss Banks!"

The two girls looked up to see Mrs. Riley staring at them, hands on her hips.

"Miss Banks, aren't you going to pick any more teammates?"

Isla sucked in a breath, "Oh, I'm captain!" she exclaimed, like she had just remembered. "Yes, Mrs. I was just uh -"

"I'm too disappointed today," Mrs. Riley shook her head. "First Miss Winters, now you."

The rest of the class giggled.

"You know what? You two be together on your own." she clapped her hands, "Let's start!"

"Now who's zoned out?" Alana joked as they walked towards the net where another team was standing.

Isla just shook her head, smiling.

When they got there, the other team was whispering. Alana growled under her breath when she saw that the other team had Louise and Tom Jenkins,  the infamous twins of River Brooks High. No one liked them, but no one dared to question them. One of them was hard to handle. Two of them, well, that was just chaos.

"Oh, look who we have here," Tom sneered at Alana and Isla. "Who knew that the teacher's pets would stoop so low?"

The whole team laughed.

Alana didn't typically take mean words seriously, but Isla definitely did - and Alana took her friends very seriously. 

So when Isla looked down at the ground and flushed, anger surged through Alana, engulfing her insides in flames.

Her fingers started twitching madly. Like they were filled with millions of tiny butterflies.

Alana took deep breaths. Not this again. She could feel her magic pushing through. She clenched her fists, fighting the urge. 

"What's wrong, Violet Eyes?" Louise piped up snarkily. 

Alana clenched her jaw. As if she needed more reminders about her weird violet eyes. Who even created violet eyes? Such a horrible color for eyeballs, Alana thought.

"Yeah," Tom came up to stand beside his sister, with matching brown hair and evil smiles. "Got something to say?"

Alana's fingers were in pain now. The butterflies were gone now, replaced by millions of bullet ants, crawling all over her, setting her skin on fire. She was shaking now. But she knew she couldn't reveal herself yet - not now.

"What about you, Goldilocks?" Tom said to Isla. "You think your team of two can beat -"

And that set her off.

Alana screamed. She screamed as all her magic rapidly surged out of her, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Gold magic burst out of her body. Alana rose from the ground, feet lifting into the air. Her vision blurred and her eyes stung, all she could see was red, red, red.

And when her vision cleared...

Tom Jenkins was on the ground in a pool of blood.

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