Chapter 11

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A/N - Yes I'm messing with the Shadowhunters timeline here

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A/N - Yes I'm messing with the Shadowhunters timeline here. And I'm ruining Clary's character. I don't know why, but I always end up ruining the oc main character, I have a problem. Please don't kill me. 

A couple of months had passed, summer was over and Klaus was back in Mystic Falls. Stefan was humanity less and had stolen Klaus' family. 

Tessa knew that they needed some help, but a rogue shadowhunter was after a cup that controlled the fate of the shadow, down, and mundane world. The Shadowhunters could use all the help they could get.

Tessa had gotten close with the Shadowhunters, she and Isabelle had become extremely close, but Clary had been slightly hostile towards her. Alec and Jace had both quickly gotten attached to the brunette.

She was wearing a short black dress and had straightened her hair for the mission to a Downworld rave to find the warlock that had taken Clary Fairchild's memories. And hopefully, she could visit Mystic Falls after they get the cup. 

"Do you think red's my colour?" Isabelle asked as she hooked her arm with Tessa's.

"Iz," Tessa started smiling at her, "With a body like yours, everything's your colour."

"Good point. Damn, I make this necklace look so good."

"Will you take it off?" Alec said standing behind them. "I'm certain Magnus Bane doesn't want drool on his ruby when we make the exchange."

"You know, I wouldn't be so sure. Most men like it when I admire their jewels," Isabelle said making Tessa giggle and the two Shadowhunters smile at the sound.

"Can you just give it to Jace," Alec said frowning when he noticed Jace give her the same look.

"You're such a buzzkill, Al, come to Mystic Falls, you'll convert to the dark side," Tessa smiled up at him as Isabelle gave the necklace to the blonde Shadowhunter.

"Clary Fairchild," Magnus greeted when the trio - Jace, Clary, and Tessa walked up to him, but his eyes were focused on Tessa. "You've grown into a beautiful young woman," he simply glanced at the redhead making her secretly glare at him.

"Theresa Wright," he smiled at the brunette making her furrow her brows. "You've grown into a stunning and strong young woman, I see."

"Wright? I'm Tessa White," she said making him shake his head as he looked at her with sorrow and guilt. 

"Magnus Bane. So you're the one who stole my memories," Clary scowled at the warlock.

"At your mother's request. She knew the risk. Show me the jewelry, Shadowhunter."

Jace got the necklace out but quickly put it out of the warlock's reach when he went to grab it.

"Give Clary back her memories and tell us how in the world you know Tessa, and you get the necklace," Jace demanded.

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