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                         Zayn rowle

"Love, what are you doing up in the middle of the night" I heard the familiar voice

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"Love, what are you doing up in the middle of the night" I heard the familiar voice.

Y/n malfoy pov

I look at the shadow who was walking closer to me.

I saw the shadow persons wand come out from there pocket.

They hold onto it and then flicked it, the lights turned on showing zayn.

"Love, why are you up this late" he asked.

"I could ask you the same thing" I said.

"But I asked you first love" he said.

"I was getting water but since now I'm finished I guess I'll go" I said, trying to walk away until I felt him garb my arm stopping me from going.

"Love, you shouldn't marry the dark lords son, you talk about me being a psycho but he is a sociopath, what makes him better then me" he asked me, still holding my arm.

"He doesn't abuse me and actually know how to treat me, that is what makes him better then you, that is at least two reasons why he is better then you" I said before pulling my arm away and walking back to my room.

I made it back to my room and closed the door gently to make sure I don't wake up Mattheo.

I walk over to the bed and laid down.

I started to get very tired and started to close my eyes but I opened them I then saw a shadow right on top of me.

I was about to scream until they covered my mouth.

"Be quiet love, your right Mattheo may treat you right but he will not be able to keep you safe from me, no one will not even the dark lord" he whispered in my ear.

Just then that's when I realized Mattheo was awake.

Mattheo grabbed him by his shirt and picked him up.

"WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" he yelled at him.

Just then Draco came in the room half asleep and half awake.

"What is happening" he asked more in a whisper.

I stood up and went over to Draco who was still  trying to understand was happening.

"Why I'm the hell do you keep going after her" Mattheo said to zayn, still holding his collar.

Just then a glass shattered in my room.

I look up to see zayn with a bloody face.
What in the hell.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE" I heard my mom scream at us.

Oh god.

"Mom" I said walking over to her.
"Darling" she looked up to see, Draco still not even sure what is happening, Mattheo beating up zayn and zayn with blood all over his face.

"Oh darling, LUCIUS" my mom yelled, just then my dad came in the room.

Still seeing zayn and Mattheo.

"What is happening here" I heard the dark lord say.

Just then the dark lord came into my room, to see Mattheo and zayn.

"ENOUGH" I heard the dark lord yell.
"You my son, put him down" and with that Mattheo let go of zayn.

"Come with me now, y/n, zayn you too" the dark lord said.

I followed him out of the room with Mattheo and zayn.

I walked in the middle of Mattheo and zayn while the dark lord was in front.

We soon made it to his office.
(Idk what they call it so I'm just going to call it office)

The dark lord went in first then we followed right after.

I closed the door making sure that no one else heard, he is going to yell at us.

"WHY WERE YOU FIGHTING" he yelled, mostly at zayn and Mattheo.

"Fath-" Mattheo tried talking before getting cut off by the dark lord.

"No, zayn, what were you doing in y/n's room" he asked calmly.

"I was ju-" I cut him off.

"He was in my room because he is a psycho" I said with no hesitation.

"What do mean y/n" the dark lord asked me.

"Oh right you don't know what he used to do to me, he was obsessed with me, he would love to hit me" I said.

The dark lord look at me amused by what I just said.

"Oh right, he is my ex who would hit me and my family" I said calmly.

The dark lord turned to zayn, shocked.

"You may leave y/n" he said.

I turned my back around and started to walk until I heard his voice.

"See you again love" zayn said.

Oh I'm going to kill him.
Maybe having bellatrix as my aunt isn't that bad.

"Keep her safe" was what I heard the dark lord say to Mattheo.

I walked out of the room.

I went to my room and laid down in bed.

I turned of the lights and closed my eyes for a little until I heard the door creak open.

I opened my eyes and didn't move at all.

"Darling it's alright, it's me" I heard mattheo's voice.

I sighed sitting up on the bed as I saw Mattheo turn on the lights.

"No need to be scared" he said to me.
"How can I not be scared, he would hit me Mattheo, he scares me, he came in the room while you were here" I said.

"He did but my father got it figured out" he said, sitting down next to me in bed.

"I'm still scared, Mattheo he is a spycho and you are right he was in Azkaban for a reason" I said.

"Darling there is nothing to be scared about I'm here" he said holding my hands.

"I know bu-" he cut me off "no buts, he can't hurt you, now go to sleep" he told me laying down.

"Alright" I said laying down.

Mattheo grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him.

I'm still worried, I won't be able to protect myself well and Mattheo won't always be here for me.

I need to learn how to protect myself.

I wonder how aunt bellatrix is doing.


Oo I love we're this is going.

Aunt bellatrix will be coming in handy.

What do you guys think about aunt bellatrix?

Either way I hope you are enjoying my story.

Meet you guys in the next chapter 😉

Lots of love,gianna.

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