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Jimin's pov

"Oh god , stop it taehyung why are you so loud in fucking morning."

{This is AGUST D'S part in cypher 3.}

길거리를 걸어 다니면 수군대 내 이름
대구에서부터 압구정까지 깔아 놓은 내 비트
전 세계 사방 곳곳 살아 숨쉬는 내 음악들의 생기
나는 비트란 작두를 타는 애기 무당, that's me (that's me)
TV속에 비치는 모습 반은 카게무샤인 건 아니
너의 세치 혀로 객기 부려봤자 그건 rapping 호객 행위
놈팽이들의 뺑끼를 향해 때리는 묵직한 내 패왕랩의 패기
건방 떠는 rapper 듣보잡들을 잡아다 농락시켜버리는 내 flow job, 고작

Authors Pov

"What , How did u guess it's me?"

Jimin finally sits while cussing.
"Yeah , I thought it's the real rapper."

"Fuck you bitch."

The speakers where still blasting,
"Can you please just shut them up?!"

"No , no I can't do that."
With saying this , he jumps on jimin.

"We need to finalise models today."
"No shit Sherlock."
Jimin tries to push taehyung , but with no avail he finally gives up.
"Oh n people say , u are the strongest omega over here."
"Fuck you."
Taehyung finally shifts , laying beside jimin..
Jimin tries to coax taehyung.
"How about we just take a nap for 2hrs hmm??"
Taehyung starts tickling Jimin,
"You know right I want the best models for us."
"I should have paired with Lisa."
"N me with Jennie."

There is a knock on door , n creaks are heard, Taehyung gives a boxy smile n Jimin roll his eyes , n giggles are heard in return from the door.

"Help me Mrs.lee."

While giggling Mrs.lee retort, "Pancakes are waiting~~~"

N in a swift moment you can feel wind blowing , n there is a fight to reach dinning area first.

As soon as they are near to dining area, they can smell strawberries , { Berry , Berry Strawberry }
Blueberries n honey.

They just jump on pancakes as they reach dining table , n when jimin finally realises,
"Oh what are you guys doing here."
"Don't they stay here?!"
Taehyung receive two annoyed alpha glares ...
Lisa just ignore taehyung and try replying jimin.
"We just came to say "Hi"."
Their is a loud smack heard,
"Owwwww , Kim fucking Jennie why did u hit me ,....meanie??!"
"We ain't here to say hi , kim fucking lisa."
"How mean jennie you just come here for work , it hurts."
While saying this jimin keeps his hand on his can hear giggles from tae n lisa and a soft smile on Mrs.lee lips , says a story.

"So are we going."
"Wait , don't you have to choose models taehyung~~~"
"What you guys didn't finalise models yet?"
"It was taehyung part."
Jimin says while leisurely finishing his breakfast.
"But , I'm ready to go." Jimin says with a smirk.
"Are you sure , you are going in your night wears?"
Jennie asks while tilting her head cutely.
Realisation hits jimin n he quickly retorts.
"Actually why not after all , I'm THE KIM."
There is a loud bang heard.
"See Taetae is also agreeing."

Taehyung stand up from his chair recieving all the attention.
"How about first , we just go and select models for our fashion week n then we can continue with our plan?!"
Jimin acts like he haven't heard , n Lisa pulls up a cocky smile n retort.
"We had already done that for ourselves."
Taehyung looks towards jennie n gives her his puppy eye , n when jimin sees this , he tries to stop jennie but.,IT WAS TO LATE.
"We are gonna first choose models for jimin n taehyung n then we can carry on with our plan."
Jennie was quick to reply
Lisa whines n Jimin snorts
n then there is taehyung who hugs jennie like his life depends on her.
"If you guys don't get ready like right now we are seriously gonna be late."
Taehyung pulls jimin like he is just some piece of shit....
Lisa giggles n jennie smiles seeing this.
n taehyung suddenly remember something so , he stop in his tracks n give small smile before asking.
"Mrs.lee can you please just keep the car ready , n I'm driving today , so no need of any driver."
n then there is loud,

"NO" heard.

"Oh god , I thought we are gonna die today."
"Yeah,thanks to me."
Lisa , jennie n jimin snorts while smacking tae....
Taehyung whines....
When they get out of car, everyone just stop doing what they were , n take a minute to praise the beauty god has created....

n as they walk towards their location from parking lot , everyone just hold their breath.... how come they not when , Lisa is in all grey Louis Vuitton skirt n blouse with matt black hair n her alpha aura giving a dark look to her...

Jennie is wearing Prada's most recent launched dress a navy blue frock showing her long legs , n her high ponytail with a hanging side bag which gives out a look of, it's not easy to persuade her n the cherry on top is her alpha aura...

Taehyung walks like he owns everything he's walking past through , as he is right. He wears navy blue shorts having grey strips with grey T-shirt paired with Gucci blue blazer n grey sneakers.

Jimin wears white shorts paired with black n white strips T-shirt n black lofars.

Everyone looking at them thinks they are four powerful alpha's , and jimin likes it .......

"Like , seriously lets just change the plan n go,to sleep."
"I agree with jimin."
Lisa and tae gives each other a look of boredom n retort,
"Oh come-on , I know it was tiring but not that much, u grandpa's."
"Yeah , because you didn't bicker with those models for their wages."
"Oh , just chill jimin shii~~~~ , how about we first grab a drink n then continue with our plan."
"That sounds good to me."
Taehyung n jimin also nods in syn.....

As they were walking towards the nearest cafe , someone cat calls them , everything can't go right now can it...
"oh look what we have."
"Our meal."
"But we need to share it guys."
"Sure thing."
"I want that white shorts , his thighs are sooo~~~~ thick."

Everything was normal for taehyung but the last comment snapped something in him.
"Are you guys new here??"He ask voice laced with venom
"Wow baby , you know about us."
"You are right baby,we are brand new here."he winks at tae.
Lisa snorts,
"It would be more amazing , if you moan my name with that, 'your sweet voice'."
"N it would be good for you if you stop right there."

They are four n were taking slow steps towards tae , lisa , jimin n jennie's direction... jennie tries to save them one last time as she is a "devils angel".
"Do you know kim's?!"
"Sorry baby , we only know Min's."
One of them notice that jimin is the most silent one , n use his pathetic logic n takes steps towards him.

Jimin is standing beside jennie , in the corner ,He was silent the whole time.

Tae sees the man approaching jimin n shouts "stop".

Arrangement {Jimin ~ Jennie ~ Tae ~ Lisa}....

But it was too late , as the man tries to hold jimin's arm,

He is almost choke to the death.

N There's a loud growl heard.



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