✿Chapter 35: The Rooster✿

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You and most of the townspeople stood inside the throne room, watching as the Captain of the guard spoke to the king and queen, "As the captain of the Corona Royal Guard, I have sworn to defend this kingdom against all who threaten it." You glanced over at Varian who was next to you, both of you shared a confused look before turning back to the Captain, "But as a father, I cannot face my daughter in battle. And so it is with a heavy heart that I retire from my post." Your jaw dropped as he took off his helmet. Everyone around the room gasped.

"Captain..." Your father started, "You have served Corona with dignity and pride for so many years. Thank you."

Your mother spoke up too, "And we respect your decision."

"And as for my replacement..." The Captain took a small glance around the room, "it was a very difficult decision. There are so many qualified guards. My replacement has put his life on the line for Corona countless times, and so it is with utmost confidence that I recommend Eugene Fitzherbert." Your jaw dropped once more.

Eugene spit out his drink, "Wha--"

"HA! Captain Fitzherbert! I like the sound of that!" Lance said, shaking the man slightly." Eugene started into the reflection of the helmet shocked.

The Captain sent a confident smile to the man, "What do you say, Fitzherbert?"

"ME?" He said shocked.


You and Varian were in your room, you were laying belly down on your bed kicking your legs back and forth, reading a book and he was standing up, looking around your room.

"It's so crazy!" You said, putting the book down suddenly. You looked over at Varian who turned to you slightly startled, "Like, love the Captain and Eugene, but why did the Captain choose him? They used to hate each other!"

Varian shrugged, "Who would you have picked?"

"Well..." You furrowed your eyebrows, "To be honest, the only person I can think of with the experience would be your dad. But I'm sure he would say no. He moved here for a quiet life anyway."

Varian nodded and was about to speak before he was interrupted by people talking outside your room.

"The princesses' crowns are missing!" Said a voice that you recognized as Stan, "Someone broke in through the roof!" You glanced up, sharing a shocked look with Varian.

You sat up in your bed, "Well, uh... This sounds like a job for Eugene, after all, he did steal Rapunzels crown the same way."

"No way! He did?" Varian asked,

You smirked, "I guess there is one Flynn Rider story you haven't heard yet."

Varian was about to sit down and listen when his eyes widened, "Wait, I have to reveal my new invention to Rapunzel and the others at noon!"

"I'll tell you the story later! First, let's get down to the palace square!" You said, standing up from your bed and grabbing his arm, pulling him out of your room.


"Ladies and Gents! I give you the roo--" Varian, who was standing on top of a big box started before being interrupted by Eugene.

"I'm-- I just can't believe how much this guy looks like me." Eugene held up the wanted poster, "And he's using my moniker--"

Varian cleared his throat, "I'll wait." You chuckled, earning a playful glare from the boy.

"Oh, ahem. Sorry." Eugene said, turning around to face the boy again.

Varian smirked, "Thank you. I'll start again." He flung his arms up in the air, "I give you..." He hopped off the box and grabbed a rope, making the sides of the box fall, "The rooster!" He rubbed the back of his neck, "Or it will be once we've put it together."

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