12|| I'm Bored

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She typed away on my laptop looking for what I told her to look for

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She typed away on my laptop looking for what I told her to look for. She tossed her head back and I admired the way her fingers moved against the keyboard.

"I can't find anything" she said and I sighed shaking my head. She's been trying for the past five hours and she still couldn't find anything on Clay.

We ate and then I put her back to work but apparently her hacking skills wasn't that good to track someone down.

I had no information on Clay. All the security footage I went through with Viper in it she wasn't.

So I asked the one person who was with me- Avery.

"Try again" I said and she let out a deep breath taking a sip of her water.

"There is no public record of a Clay Evans, it's like someone wiped her existence." she answered and I didn't pay attention to her.

"Try again" I repeated myself.

"I can't find anything dumbass" she rolled her eyes and I clenched my jaw.

Grabbing her chin tightly with my index and thumb I held onto the armrest pulling the chair to face me, she gasped her mouth hanging slightly open at the sudden movement.

"Don't roll your eyes at me." I warned and she rolled her eyes again. Her hand found it's way to the hem of my pants and she pulled me down closer to her body, positioning me in between her legs.

She leaned up to my ear and I loosened the grip on her chin so she could move freely.

"I'll roll them if I want" she whispered in my ear and then pulled back.

Inhaling a sharp breath I let go of a chin and tried to remind myself who she was.

She's my enemy. I hate her.

So why is it so hard to stay away from her?

God I hated this so much.

She got up from her chair and went to the bean bag in the corner of room and sat on it.

I took a seat on the chair she was sitting on and shut my laptop off.

The only reason I agreed to do this is because I care a lot of about my car. And the threat Blondie made sounded very much serious.

I wasn't scared of her, I was scared of what she would do to my precious car.

"I'm bored" Avery whined slouching down on the bean bag. She played with the lace on her shirt and I rolled my eyes at her restlessness.

"Not my problem" I answered and she took a pillow throwing it at my face.

I caught it and she rolled her eyes again. I ignored it this time and looked out her window.

"You're boring" she said and I licked my lips raising my eyebrows.

"I know" I responded and she groaned taking another pillow and throwing it at me.

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