Chapter 29

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"You ever been to this bar?" Hank asked as we walked in. I looked around and smiled.

"Yeah, I use to sneak in here on nights I didn't have a shift at the gas station." I said. "The Crazy Bull. Damn this is crazy."

"Yeah, it looks just the same, right?" Ryder said. We stepped inside and I nodded.

"It really does. Is Richie still here?" I asked.

"Holy shit. You know Rich? Yeah, he's here! Rich, look what I dragged in!" Hank said dragging me to the bar. The old man looked at me in shock.

"Y/N Lee Sullivan! You son of a bitch! Come here!" He said. He came over and hugged me. I hugged him back. "You're so fucking tall. Jesus Christ. You look so grown."

"Yeah, I grew a lot." I said.

"Go sit down with Hank and Ryder. Your drinks are on the house tonight." He said.

"Hey, no fucking fair!" Hank said.

"It is fair. I haven't seen her since she was a kid." Richie said. Ryder and Hank pulled me over to a high table. There were three of the prettiest girls I'd ever seen.

"They pretty, ain't they?" Hank said. I nodded.

"Watch it. One of em my sister. She a thot though." Ryder said before laughing. I walked over and smiled.

"Who is this fine ass specimen y'all have brought over to me?" One of the girls said.

"That's Kehlani. She wild. Don't listen to her." Hank said. The girl flipped him off.

"I'm Jhené." The girl with the pretty soft brown eyes said. I smiled.

"And I'm Madison." The girl with light brown eyes said.

"That's my big sister." Ryder said.

"I'm Y/N." I said.

"Are you visiting family or something? You too fine to be from here." Jhené said.

"Nah I'm from here. I moved away when I was 15 but I just moved back." I said.

"Oh where'd you move to?" Kehlani asked.

"LA." I said.

"Oh me and Jhené from Cali too." Kehlani said.

"Sit down. These boys don't have manners at all." Madison said. I sat down in between the boys. Richie brought over my usual from my childhood. A Coors Banquet with a shot of whiskey.

"Thanks, Rich." I said. I took the shot and didn't flinch at all at the familiar taste and feeling. I twisted the top off of my beer bottle and took a swig.

"So how do you know these bums?" Madison asked.

"I work with them now." I said.

"Ooh. You know I have a soft spot for blue collar workers. Is this why you brought her?" Kehlani said. I laughed.

"Nah we brought her here so she could make some friends. Whore." Hank said.

"So um what do you guys do?" I asked the girls.

"I'm a nurse. I work over at Atrium." Kehlani said.

"I'm a nurse too. That's how we met." Jhené said.

I looked at Madison.

"I'm a singer. Well I want to be one. So do Jhené and Kehlani, but they settled on just being a nurse." Madison said.

"Well not all of us can depend on our daddies to pay our mortgage." Kehlani laughed.

"You should sing if you wanna sing." I said.

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