Chapter Eight

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Stephan's Point of View

"Yeah he's okay, he's home now. So that's good." I could almost feel Lana smiling from the other end of the call. I had just gotten my ass home from Blueberry's place and the first thing I wanted to do when I had entered my house was check on Toby.

"Definitely, I think I'll stop by later." I said and nodded my head while swallowing hard as I had spoken those words to her.

"Later? Why not now Steph?" She asked curiously.

"I'm tired babe." I said.

"Howcome?" she giggled nervously.

"I slept over at Blueberry's but I hardly slept at all." I paused as I thought of her. "It was nothing like I imagined it would be. Fuck, it's a long story. Talk to you later okay." I continued as I ran my hand through my hair, trying to cut the conversation short but she had ignored my attempt.

"You slept over?" She spoke causing me to roll my eyes at her continuation of the conversation that I was dying to end because I knew where it would eventually go.

"Yeah." I said simply.

"You planning to keep this one around?" She asked hastily as I had noticed her tone had twisted into a bitchy one.

"Jealousy I hear?" I narrowed my eyes as I replied.

"No, come on Steph. You know that when we slept together it meant nothing to the both of us." She tried playing it cool.

"It meant nothing to me...but you can keep telling yourself that it meant nothing to you, maybe one day you'll believe it. Baby why are you still fucking with Ian when you know that you're in love with me." I said simply as I laid it all on the table, telling her exactly how I see it.

"Because you're not in love with me Steph." She said as if she was about to cry and I couldn't help but hurt a little inside. I truly cared about Lana, I always will but I failed to care about her in the way she had wanted me to. I was incapable of doing so but she just simply couldn't accept that.

"We spoke about this already Lana. Look, I think it's best if I just hang up right now."

"So I guess she's here to stay then?" She said before I had ended the call.

"Blueberry?" I asked.

"Yes Steph, who else?"

"Maybe." I sighed. "I'll see you later Lana." I ended the conversation and hung up before she could say anything to keep me on the phone for a minute longer.

I won't fall in love if we sleep together. They say.

And then what fucking happens?
they fall in love.

My phone buzzed before I had placed it down onto the coffee table in my lounge where I was currently seated in front of the big flat screen T.V, causing my entire hand to vibrate,

it was a text of course.

"Hey Stephan In the mood for sex? I can come over later if you like?" It was Lexi the town slut.

I actually had her name saved like that into my phone.

Lexi the town slut.

I held my phone in my hand for a few seconds in thought before I had replied to her. I thought of Blueberry for a while and then I pushed her from my mind as I shook my head and watched my fingers type.

Fuck it.

"Great, you should. I'll see you then sunshine." I texted in reply.

I placed my cellphone on the surface of the coffee table and then leaned back against my black leather couch as I exhaled deeply.

My eyes were then drawn to the passage as I zoned out on the bedroom door across from mine.

My mind flashed of memories from the past and I could feel my heart weighing itself down as it sat behind my ribs that guarded it. It's as if my heart was drowning, gasping for air, gasping for hope, gasping for life as it laid weak and defenseless, pounding as if it was the last time it would pound again.

Paisley's Point of View

"This red one is nice." Liv stared down at her nails as she focused on it, trying to decide whether she should paint it raspberry red or mint green.

"Let me see." I said as my voice reached her from where I was seated on top of the dresser with my legs dangling above the ground as I danced to the music that played at medium volume. I pouted my lips, waving my messy coconut brown hair in the air. I swayed my body while the moonlight shone down into my room from the balcony glass doors.

"Yeah, definitely the red one." I said and then shoved a spoon of Nutella into my mouth while she held her hand up into the air, spreading her fingers apart and making her nails visible for my sight.

She bobbed her head and moved the upper part of her body as she sat with her legs crossed on top of my bed, feeling the music while her crop top moved with her motion.

"I hate you!" She yelled as she flopped to the back and bounced up lightly as she landed on the mattress of my bed, her blonde strands of honey laid neatly around her as she stared at the ceiling.

"Why?" I laughed as I licked the spoon that had the goodness of Nutella spread all over it.

"You're putting me in the mood to go partying with the music you're playing! I freaken hate you!" She laughed as she pulled a funny face.

"Then let's go out dancing, have a few drinks and have fun?" I said as I narrowed my eyes and hopped off from the dresser.

"Oh my god. Where?" She perked up at the words that slid from my mouth. "Pais wait. What about Ori?" She remembered that I had an insane brother that would never allow me to do the things I already did.

"I'll deal with Ori." I shrugged and then she grinned from ear to ear, her brown eyes glowing with excitement as she clapped her hands together like a little kid who had just seen a magic trick.

I watched her leap from my bed as her browns darted in the direction of my closet. She rushed herself over to where I had kept all of my stylish clothes and then I watched her carefully shuffle through them.

And in that very moment my cellphone had vibrated. It had completely pulled my attention from my beautiful blonde bestie to read a text that had displayed itself.

"Hey Blueberry." It read.

I rolled my eyes. I had waited for Stephan's text all day and finally it had arrived, but I had refused to respond. I had waited all day.

All day for him to just say something, and now was the time he had decided to respond!?

It was almost 11pm.
Was I that forgettable?
Had he only thought of me now at this time of the evening?
I had so many questions and completely zero answers.


Why was I obsessing over this. It's silly. Come on Paisley, you don't obsess over minor things like this and especially if it involves a silly little boy.

I shook my thoughts from my head and had turned to face Liv as she seemed so lit up which warmed my heart and then I smiled at her excitement as I left his text hanging without a single reply.

"Pick out something hot. We're definitely going out tonight." I grinned as I danced over to join her in my closet. I turned the volume up on full blast and then she wrapped a silky sun yellow scarf around my neck as she sang loudly to Toxic by the amazing Britney Spears.

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