Chapter-38|Never Apologize

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"Ethan..." My name leaves her lips with a surprised gasp, making me smile.

She stands on the other side of the threshold of her apartment in a black cropped tank top and sweatpants. Though her hair is collected on the top of her in a messy bun, few strands fall loose and frame her face.

Her wide eyes shine with happiness as they trail over my face. I patiently stand there, waiting for her to take in my appearance.

I was supposed to come tomorrow evening with the rest of the team, but I really missed her and the thought of her sleeping alone in my bed last night definitely didn't help the case. So, I took the first flight out after the game, and here I am. The coach wasn't too bothered by my decision since, I was already not going to be part of this match but I'm glad I played because now, the manager of my dream team knows what they'll be missing out on.

"Oh, my god..." she whispers, making me chuckle.

A huge smile overtakes her face, and she launches herself at me, making me laugh and wrap my arm around her. Fortunately, I move the hand holding the bouquet out of the way, in time for them to not get crushed.

"I take it you're happy to see me?" I murmur as I step inside the house with her still wrapped around me and close the door.

She pulls back a little but still keeps her face a breath away from mine. "Happy? I am fucking elated." She says before tucking her head back into my neck.

I bend down a little and place the flowers on the couch before hugging her back properly. I tuck my head into her shoulder and instantly smell the familiar lavender body wash she uses. The scent makes me smile as it envelopes me.

"Oh god, I can't believe you're here." She murmurs, making me smile.

I pull back from her and step back, only to notice the huge smile still intact on her face. Bending down, I pick the flowers from the couch before holding them out to her.

"These are for you." I say softly and scratch the back of my neck. Fuck, I can't believe I actually bought her flowers. The last time I got anyone flowers was eight months back. It was when we found out that Hanna was pregnant. Honestly, never in my life have I bought flowers for anyone who isn't my mother, sister, or my brother's fiance.

She takes the flowers from me and if it's possible; she smiles more brightly and at that moment; I feel buying her a fucking flower shop if it'll help me keep that smile intact.

"Thank you so much." She says, pressing the flowers closer to her chest. "They are gorgeous."

Moving her eyes from the flowers to me, she raises her hand to cup my cheek and leans forward.

"God, I missed you so much." She murmurs right before her lips touch mine. My hands grab her waist as I move my lips against hers, trying to make up for all the time we've lost.

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