#11 Respect

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The ambulance showed up just in time,"Shit! The cops are here!" Akaishi yelps,"So what do we do with these punks!?" a goon panics,"I'm getting the hell outta here!" Akaishi yells before running away,"What about Kiyomasa?!" a goon asks,"Forget him!" Akaishi yells.

As soon as the gang members were out of sight, the Ferocious Five relaxed,"I get it now, I was doing things out of my league and so I kept on messing up, but still not one of those screw ups was for nothing. They were watching out for me the whole time." Takemichi spoke up with a prideful smile for his friends.

"Yeah." Draken breathes out,"Thanks." Yamagishi says as Makoto helps him up,"We did it Takemichi!" Takuya says,"Did you guys all see me pull off my Super Miracle Punch?" Yamagishi grins,"No, but I saw you get punched and land on your ass." Makoto says jokingly,"You guys, shut up already! We need to get Draken, Takemichi and y/n to the ambulance!" Akkun says and the group rushes over to the inured trio,"Here, take this. This will stop the bleeding." Takuya says as he wraps up Takemichi's hand.

"I got her, don't worry. Can you stand up Draken?" Akkun says as he took y/n into his arms,"Yeah, I think so." Draken says,"Hey, guys uh... I don't see any ambulance." Yamagishi panics a bit,"Plus, is only one ambulance coming here!? They can't fit all three y/n, Draken and Takemichi into one!" he panics a bit.

"They're over here! Come on, we need to hurry!" Hina's voice says urgently as she and Emma came running with four medical crew behind them wheeling stretchers,"Come on, speed it up!" Emma says desperately.

"Right here!" Akkun yells,"Hurry, they're in bad shape! Our friend, she just passed out a while ago!" Yamagishi yells as two of the crew came up to Akkun,"We'll take care of her, you two take the boy!" one of them says as the other takes y/n from Akkun,"I'll take it from here." he says before strapping her onto the stretcher.

They, with great speed, wheeled her to the second ambulance that came along with the first one as the other medical duo ran behind them with Draken,"Get her in quick!" the first man says as they place her into the ambulance,"I need a needle, some threads and alcohol now! She's bleeding out really bad!" the second man says.

"This was a clean cut, she'll be lucky enough that this won't leave any scars behind because of it." man #1 says as he cleans y/n's wounds before beginning to stitch both sides closed,"What is her father gonna do?" man #2 questions,"Find the person responsible for hurting her, you know how he is." man #3 shrugs as he drove as fast as he can towards the hospital behind the other ambulance containing both Draken and Takemichi.

"Yeah, he's the Oni King after all." man #4 grins before they all hear a groan,"Where am I?" y/n rasps out as man #1 finished bandaging her,"Miss y/n, thank goodness you're alright now." he says,"Yeah, you had us all worried when Master Yuma called saying we need to get an ambulance to your location quick. Saying you've been stabbed." man #2 grins with relief.

"My friend, Draken, is he... Is he gonna be okay?" y/n asks with worry as she sat up slowly,"Careful now we don't need you to reopen your stitches." man #3 says as he looks in the rear view mirror,"I'll be fine, thanks." y/n smiles at them,"As for your question, Miss y/n, your friends are in the ambulance in front of us. I'm confident they'll be just fine." man #1 smiles.

"I think you just jinxed us mate, they're speeding up." man #3 frowns,"Get us there quick!" y/n yells desperately and man #3 speeds up to catch up with the other ambulance.

When they got there, the ambulance before then was already empty,"Here, get on. I'll wheel you to the surgery room he's in." man #1 says as he places y/n in a wheelchair as to avoid too much movements that may put her at risk of reopening her wound.

He quickly ran down the hall where they saw Takemichi standing in front of the surgery room, the light above him is on, signaling that Draken is in surgery,"Takemichi!" she calls out,"y/n, you're okay!" Takemichi says with relief as he kneels down in front of her and holds her shoulders.

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